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  1. Question --- has anyone used the internet package on Celebrity? We never buy it and are interested in getting it this time to be in touch with our family for personal reasons, but only if the experience has been good for others. Is it really high speed? Do we have access to it all the time? The package price is steep about 172 gbp for one device Question 2 - would it be better to get an international plan instead with our cell phone carrier --> Verizon? Has anyone done this and how was the signal when on the cruise ship? Thanks!
  2. Sorry unfortunately no tour companies were willing to take us so we signed up for something else
  3. We are in port from 7:00am to 4:00pm Thoughts on things to do while we are on port? Recommendations for private tour companies? Is Mount Etna worth visiting? Taormina? Our group loves culture, food and scenery as well as adventure!
  4. Our cruise has a stop in Rijeka, Croatia from 7:00am until 4:00pm this summer (early June) Would it be crazy to consider visiting Plitvice falls?
  5. Will look at that link Thanks Do any of you know if it's possible to do both glacier water kayaking and Lake bled within that time span?
  6. Thanks for the recommendation! Looks like they also do tours to Lake Bled. Will keep on my list and contact them
  7. I am so excited our cruise will give us a day in Slovenia as I have always wanted to go there! Our ship will be there from 7am till 7pm. Some of the things I always wanted to do when in Slovenia was go to Lake Bled and go kayaking in the glacier waters!!! Would I get the chance to do both (I am assuming no already)? Open to other suggestions/recommendations too. Likes: scenery, adventure, culture, food! Not too into but don't mind a little bit of: Shopping and history Hate: museums
  8. Replying to a few of you in this post Thanks so much in advance So the port before Naples is Catania, Sicily and the port AFTER is Rome, Italy. Half the people in our group traveling have already been to Rome, but would like to spend more time in Naples surrounding areas (looks GORGEOUS). We have a toddler with her so going to Rome and then traveling back to Naples just wouldn't be a good idea for us.
  9. Thanks guys for the quick answer. I will contact Celebrity and ask
  10. Can I get off a Cruise early in another port? Our cruise ends in Rome, Italy but since we have already been here, we were considering getting off at the port before (Naples, Italy) and spend a few days around southern Italy. Has anyone ever done this before? Cruise that we are traveling with: Celebrity cruises
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