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  1. I would love to see Hyancith Bucket on the QM2. It would be hilarious.
  2. I have cruised with Princess 14 times (total sea days 120) which makes me Platinum. After my next cruise in September, I will finally be Elite. I have spent thousands of dollars on cruising since 1980 and would not like to have any one rock the boat to have a different level between Platinum and Elite until I have reached Elite.
  3. have you thought about taking the train. we did this a few years back from london to dover. was a very nice trip. scenery was spectacular
  4. if for some reason you are in a Canadian port and you need to fly home (medical issues or emergency) you will need your passport
  5. Don`t worry, they haven`t resorted to using the lifeboats yet
  6. loved the pics of Vancouver and Victoria. I drove thru Stanley Park today as my mother turned 92 and she wanted to see all the flowers. unfortunately, the flowers weren`t in bloom yet, but at least it was a nice sunny day
  7. I ate at the flying pig earlier this month for lunch. Boss took us after we finished the income tax season. What did you have. I had the triple pea soup. It was delllliiiiiioooooouuuuussss. Also the beef short rib (off the dinner menu).
  8. I haven`t received magazine in years. Everytime I call for it, they always tell me that my address is not deliverable. I have lived here for 28 years.
  9. It is too bad that passengers only have a very short time in Victoria. Our capital city is beautiful. They should make it that they arrive in early afternoon so passengers can see our beautiful city.
  10. you could try and find someplace in one of your ports of call
  11. 1980 on the original Pacific Princess (Love Boat) from LA to Acapulco. 7 days.
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