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  1. interesting questions but, don't leave out trains!!!!!! bad off the rail accident in New York not that long ago I am not a legal expert BUT .. isn't safe passage implied when anyone books a cruise or purchases an airline ticket.. last time I looked, HAL was in the "vacation business" .. maybe that's why every HAL ship has a Lido .. IMO, the OP may have over-reacted just a bit finally, I've never read the contract part of a ticket .. which may explain why I can still sleep at night:eek:
  2. this is not a "sign of he times" it's a sign that the bean counters are back in force :mad: ridiculous imo .. wonder how many $$$ HAL will lose from non-bookings vs. what they'll save by eliminating some "made on board pastry"
  3. unless I missed something, the OP wanted to know if they were available .. nothing more
  4. Government shutdown?? the captain and the officers get paid (in addition to the home office) the "crew" is told to wait and "hang in" shore excursions, the shows and entertainment are shut down makes total sense to me :rolleyes:
  5. the announcement looks like a map through a maze where you come out is anyone's guess:confused: the new policy is "sort of" "kind of," in the "direction of" an expansion of non-smoking except it doesn't get to the finish line this isn't even double talk - more like "triple talk":eek: wouldn't it be easier to say "smoking on verandas is now prohibited":rolleyes:
  6. wow! over 700 posts more than 24,000 "hits" my first thought when I read the numbers was "HAL cancelled world cruise, eliminated smoking, turned the MDR into a buffet and eliminated turn down service" then I read the title! you can't bring a tractor trailer to the port and load on your own wine! Holy Napa Valley!!:eek: sure this will keep Seattle up all night .. :rolleyes: now, if Elliott Avenue eliminated drinking, that would be one thing but to require a passenger can only bring 2 bottles per couple on board .. c'mon IMHO, its really enough now to get back something of health .. when will HAL get rid of smoking:D
  7. I may get flamed for this, but c'est la vie:eek: there is nothing average about the Maasdam .. she is lovingly cared for, spotlessly maintained with an excellent crew and receives high scores on each inspection won't even comment on the suggestion "the old girl" be sold for scrap:eek: if I wrote what I felt, I'd probably be "boiled in oil" what disturbs me the most about the post (other than inaccuracies which have clarified by other posters) is the insensitivity shown there are those who sail on a ship and look at her as "steel, bolts, glass, pipes and wood" .. those same persons also look at the crew in a cold and very often callous manner then there are those who sail a ship and see her as an "a lady with a soul", with her crew part of that .. Maasdam has a wonderful soul, a unique crew and a adoring alumni! may she continue to grace the seven seas for many more years
  8. that was helpful to the OP :eek: sounds like you missed a really nice person
  9. I for one completely disagree with the remarks from KirkNC. If he's looking for a "child free environment", he might want to consider either the World Cruise or a Grand Voyage. The odds of finding any "young people" on either are "slim" to "none". HAL in recent years has attempted to change its image from "your grandparent's favorite cruise line" to a "family oriented travel experience". The reason in IMHO is simple: without new, young and vibrant blood", no cruise line today can expect to flourish, let alone survive. Instead, it will simply "wither on the vine" and then die. My comments are not intended in any way to endorse allowing any child to remain in Pinnacle or the Main Dining Room who may become disruptive thereby interfering with the enjoyment of other guests. Rather, I can think of nothing more pleasant than to see an entire family enjoying a a evening out at the upscale and "elegant" Pinnacle Grill. And by the way, the staff will usually go out of its way to do whatever they can to accommodate children and make them feel as special and welcome as their parents. I hope the OP brings her children to Pinnacle and has a wonderful and memorable night.
  10. at least it was one of "ours"!!:rolleyes:
  11. congratulations KK so many posts .. so many menus so many helpful comments
  12. point well taken but why even spend the time with HAL simply contact your credit card company and "contest" the bill .. tell the credit card company the reason (including the fact your statement contradicts the amount of the charge) .. the entire amount should then be put into "suspense" until the matter is resolved in the meantime, you pay the balance of the credit card bill not in dispute I would be very surprised if this matter wasn't promptly resolved unless of course HAL was right:eek:
  13. aren't rumors wonderful:rolleyes:
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