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  1. I applied in early Feb, the confirmation email said they received the regular renewal request on 2/7/2020. My new passport is dated 3/16/2020 and I received it about a week later. Looks like it was a lucky tight window.
  2. My (limited) understanding is that it is cheaper to make figure 8s at sea than to pay port/docking fees.
  3. Princess is owned by CCL corp.
  4. This elimates pretty much all church services as well, yet in Indiana churches have been exempted from the 250 people gathering limit. At least NCL has stopped cruises for 30 days, which could be extended. Las Vegas has not shut down, other than MGM Resorts group, why pick on Cruise lines?
  5. I have had this happen, except it showed a balance of -$300.00. Everything was fine when I checked with NCL on the phone. It was something on the website, but on their system it was fine. The only real downside was the system did not offer me the chance to bid to upgrade. I did not care, and there was no problem once on board the ship.
  6. QuadraCatLady thanks for the information and your thoughts! I have wondered if going on one of these poker cruises would be worth it, and your information is the best I have seen here.
  7. I liked the Getaway, lots of things to do and it had the solo cabins. That said, I loved the Spirit ! The layout and options on the spirit, including the open air aft was great. I liked the Jade better than the Dawn, but it was good as well. I guess I prefer the smaller ship experience better than the larger ship, but like them both.
  8. Just saying, they allowed it early until the cigarette smokers overwhelmed it....I doubt they would have banned it if the cigarette smokers "only" smoked one - vs - chain smoking. P.S. My roommate loved the Bimini bar !
  9. In January this year, the cigar lounge was taken over by the cigarette smokers. They were in there endlessly, and the smoke drifted out into Gatsby's bar every time the door opened. This was a problem since many shipboard activities are held at Gatsby's. (Most of the cigarette smokers, my roommate included, chain smoked 3-4 cigs before leaving. It was way more smoke than the cigar smokers put out.) After many complaints (both by cigar smokers being driven out, and the people at the activities), the cigarette smokers were told to leave and smoke at the proper areas, which were the casino and the Bimini bar on deck 13.
  10. We stayed in Old San Juan for the night before, and had a great time with the multiple bars and places to eat. The cab/shared shuttle ride from OSJ to the pier is a fixed price, cant' remember how much exactly. (Cabs from the airport to the pier, or to anywhere nearby is a fixed rate depending on distance to the location)
  11. A bad day on the Ship is way better than a good day at work, or at home wondering what it would be like on the ship. Go, and enjoy yourself.
  12. So far, I've never had an offer for an excursion from the port I embarked on. Is this you're embarkation port?
  13. My first NCL cruise on the Getaway, my flight (arranged by NCL) arrived way late. The ship was delayed anyway, not leaving until about midnight. NCL handled the transfer perfectly, I arrived during the muster drill. Turns out the ship left at 2300, but the terminal (port authority) closed at 1700. People made it to the port, and could see the ship still docked, but could not board because the PA was closed. They had to meet the ship at the first port, and were not happy.
  14. What excursions are you planning? Did you buy them from NCL?
  15. Best: At any port finding an outdoor cafe/bar serving locally brewed beer. Least: A sea day that has a heavy downpour so EVERYONE is inside making a very crouded situation!
  16. And there usually are a lot of cigarette smokers in the cigar lounge. I don't smoke but my cruise friend does. He said there are always complaints about cigarette smokers taking over the cigar lounge.
  17. Thank you BirdTravels ! Your posts here of Specialty menus, and the Platinum dinner vouchers in another thread answered my (unasked) questions about that benefit for my next cruise, first time Platinum.
  18. It's quite nice to have an OP that isn't full of themselves, and knows how to be civil. Hope you have a great vacation ! BTW, I love going on a cruise for my Birthday! Enjoy your birthday, and your birthday cake on board.
  19. Honestly, I think that is Carnival. NCL lets you buy packages of water, but not soda for delivery to your room. Heck, Carnival even delivered bottles of liquor to your room......(or at least they used to.)
  20. The NFC & AFC championships and the Superbowl were shown on every public TV on board the Spirit, Epic, Jade and Dawn when I was on them the last 4 years.
  21. I have been on several of these late Jan / early Feb cruises, the most recent a 21 day back to back Jan 2019. Your cruise is the same as one of those legs. There will be few kids, but there will be several around. We tended to get off the ship at the ports, taking excursions on some, just walking around finding a place for a beer on others. Found a great outdoor cafe in Willemstad, did tours in Aruba, drove golf carts in Bonaire, took it easy in St. Lucia and stayed in the tourist area there, same in Bridgetown. Lots to do on the ship in any of these ports as well. Also did the jets landing at Maho Beach in St. Maarten. You will have a great time !! (P.S. If you are a Star Wars fan, google "the yoda guy" at St. Maarten and visit the place. It is walking distance to the ship)
  22. 21 days, a B2B on the Dawn in Jan/Feb. Great times! Before that it was a 14 day B2B on the Spirit.
  23. A bad day on a cruise ship beats a good day at home wondering what the cruise would have been like.
  24. Head for O'Sheehans for the "First" first drink ! (i.e. first drink of the first day, lol.....)
  25. You could try a "ladies" night and "guys" night, the two men have dinner at one spot while the ladies have the other dinner at a second. At least then you would still treat them to one free dinner and still use the perks.....
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