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  1. Have done the Mexican Riviera many times, we love it. All ports are safe for tourists, just use common sense. We're not fans of Mazatlan.
  2. Wow soooo sad. “Cruise Hive has now received an official update from the cruise line about the tragedy that occurred on Royal Princess. Princess cruises confirmed “that a 52-year-old American female guest passed away early this morning aboard Royal Princess as the ship was enroute to Aruba. It was reported to the local authorities who met and boarded the ship upon arrival. The cause of death is not yet known at this time.”
  3. No way would I rather have price increases for better lobster.
  4. I've also experienced not being able to get a hold of room service late at night.
  5. I would take a hard pass on that offer.
  6. Although Princess advertises the International Café as being open 24-hours a day, I've rarely found that to be the case. I've been on about 10 Princess sailings, and there were many many times that the International Café was closed in the middle of the night. Anyone else have this experience, or did I simply have several "unlucky food" nights?
  7. I had a feeling that the mad rushes would die down after a few years. I'll give it a shot on my upcoming cruise.
  8. That's great! The last time I attempted (a few years ago) they had already all been snatched up by the B2B cruisers prior to the new passengers even getting onboard.
  9. That is a good point. I'll be on the Ruby (Mexican Riviera).
  10. I remember when Princess first introduced the Sanctuary, it was a madhouse to get in (people lining up at 5am, etc). Has the commotion died down at all, or is it pretty much the same?
  11. I've never done the BVE experience before, but it looks like I'll have some family coming onboard with me (Ruby) for a few hours on my upcoming cruise. Does anyone know if there is place for BVE guests to park at the dock? (And if so, how much does it cost?) Are the pools open prior to departure (for my niece)? Anything you can share with me about your BVE would be much appreciated!
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