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  1. Don't give up on Viking. Your TA may be able to move the payment date. We were able to. Our first cruise was with Avalon. That got us hooked on river cruising. If you choose Avalon go with a newer boat. Much nicer than the older one that we used called the Luminary. Our next cruise was with Viking and it was fantastic. When the weather is nice one can have meals outside on the Aquavit terrace. More casual with a really nice barbecue. We always do the pre and post stays. When we did or pre cruise with Avalon in Amsterdam the lobby area was taken over by Viking and looked to be much better organized for tours and questions than our Avalon one. In fact our Avalon rep came a lot later in the day and utilized a tiny room on one of the upper floors. The concierge at our hotel wasn't much help so it would have been nice to have had an Avalon rep when we got to the hotel. Maybe we've been lucky but all of our pre and post hotels with Viking had beautiful views of the water without asking for one. Our third river cruise was on the Rhone and we chose to go with Viking again because of the great experience we had with them the first time around. Thought it would be hard to top our Danube cruise but the Rhone was even better. Really fantastic. The level of service and detail with Viking was superb.
  2. Won't your TA go to bat for you if you have one. At the very least they should try to get Uniworld to match your cancelled cruise with a future one price wise. Uniworld really seems to be handling this crisis poorly. I have a final payment due next month so trying to decide if I should eat the cost of my flights booked thru Uniworld and just try to to get my deposit back instead of giving them more money.
  3. Wow that's terrible telling you to use your insurance policy to cancel. I have a trip to Italy in Sept and haven't been thrilled with them as well. Other lines are extending final payment but they insist I have to make it 4 months before leaving and with the mess Italy is in it's hard to believe it's a go in Sept.
  4. Where did you read this? Hope you're wrong about this.
  5. I've had luck with my TA getting Viking to move the date closer. Frustrated with Uniworld right now. They're not relaxing final payment with the virus going on.
  6. I just came across your post. I would not hesitate to sail with Celebrity Xpedition for the Galapagos. We loved this trip and the service and cleanliness on that ship was outstanding along with the guides.
  7. I have an upcoming cruise with Uniworld for Sept 20. Final payment of 7500.00 is due on May 14th. Should I switch now for next year? Flights have been paid for thru Uniworld. Just not sure the timeline of when Italy will recover from this pandemic. My TA thinks I should wait and just move my trip if need be.
  8. We don't leave until next Sept with Uniworld going on their Italy cruise. We will probably keep the reservation but what about bankruptsy due to all the cancellations with this virus. I feel terrible for the travel business. Certainly taking quite the hit.
  9. Thank you for another excellent review. Your blog has been most helpful. So sorry about the passing of Carol. She will be in spirit as you continue your many adventures. Looking forward to your future reviews. We had to cancel last year of our first Azamara cruise due to an unfortunate fall my DH had. Looking forward to trying Azamara in the future.
  10. To be honest I'm really hesitant to book with a line that doesn't use a TA. In case of any issues a good TA will have your back. It sucks that the Boston office is crappy to deal with when that's all you have to resolve any kind of issue is that office. I thought I got a lot of junk mail from Viking but I get twice as much from them.
  11. Thank you for posting this. Just called my agent and Uniworld is going to adjust my fare for my upcoming cruise next Sept. This just saved me a lot of money.
  12. We always stay a few days before and at the end of our river cruises. We love this way of travel.
  13. While we were in Paris pre cruise we went to Versailles . We went on a Sunday with our pre bought timed entry tickets for 9 AM. Splurged and took a taxi for 50 euros and got there in 20 min around 8:30. We were near the front of the line. Have great pictures of us in the Hall of Mirrors with no else around. It was a rainy day but still very enjoyable. The palace was empty and it was great watching the fountain show with so few people around. Took the little train to see Marie Antoinette Petite Trianon. The day was fantastic. When we left the lines were miles long to get in.
  14. Like others have said on the Viking boats there's the Aquavit terrace which was a fantastic place for us to eat. We ate quite a few meals there with fantastic views. In the main dining room dinner started at 7 but one could arrive later like we did without any issues. My DH and I don't socialize much at home except for family and loved the warmth of the river cruisers we met. Very welcoming and friendly that we very much enjoyed socializing with the other passengers. One of the things we love about river cruising. Yes there are more people on Viking but on our two cruises enough crew members are hired so we never had to wait much for anything. We also never had an issue finding quiet places to hang out in.
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