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  1. I think there are also some GB grade on Deck 5 which seem to the Metal Balcony on the lower deck.
  2. When is your seacation ? On the 21st August one, and we haven't had an allocation yet.
  3. What number did they call from ?
  4. If you log in to your membership benifits NatWest Membership Services and then select user benefit, you can click on a downloadable, personalized Confirmation of Cover document. Should save a phone call 🙂
  5. Natwest (also UK Insurance) have also updated their cover:- UK Cruise As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic some UK cruise providers now require travel insurance to provide at least £2,000,000 of cover for emergency medical and repatriation costs. In response to this change we are extending our limit for UK cruises departing in 2021. This policy will provide cover for emergency medical and repatriation costs up to £10,000,000 when you are travelling on a UK cruise that departs in 2021. The cruise duration must be for a minimum of 2 nights for cover to apply. You must ensure you meet all the conditions of carriage for your cruise provider.
  6. I have had the email as well, saying the same, but we are on the 21st August. Isn't the Maiden the 7th as its the first trip scheduled?
  7. Has anyone with a P&O staycation got information about the Formal Nights on their My Cruise ? My Iona cruise for August has no mention and we like to book Speciality restaurant's on formal nights so would like to now for when bookings open.
  8. Princess want exactly the same level cover as P&O. this is off their Summer Seacations Questions & Answers Will I need travel insurance? As part of terms and conditions it is mandatory for all UK guests to have suitable travel insurance cover in order to cruise with us. Travel insurance enables our guests to relax and enjoy their holiday with peace of mind that they are covered for most eventualities. This includes unforeseen incidents before their holiday, while travelling or while they are away. Typically, travel insurance covers cancellation of your holiday, stolen belongings and medical treatment. Insurance documents will be checked at the terminal and boarding will be denied, at guests’ own expense, for anyone without appropriate cover. We have partnered with Holiday Extras to offer cruise-specific cover for our holidays. When travelling with us, insurance must include medical and repatriation cover of £2 million minimum that includes cover for emergency evacuations and medical expenses related to Covid-19.
  9. I have the NHS app installed, not the patient access and it links via your NHS number. If I look in Your Health, GP HEalth Record, Medicines and then Acute Medicines, It shows my AZ Vaccine from last week as well as other medication going back to 2002.
  10. I think P&O need to clarify this for the Summer UK cruises as their own recommended insurer via Holiday Extras states:- Repatriation can be adminstered if, while on your trip abroad, the Chief Medical officer decides that it is medically necessary for you to return home either before or after your scheduled return date. Trip Abroad being the key words.
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