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  1. Looking forward to our second cruise on Celebrity. For those for whom it is the first, I'm sharing a few packing tips, which are overlooked (and sometimes contradicted by well-meaning travel pundits, who consider bringing them a waste of valuable space), particularly if you are NOT booked in one of the premium categories on the Millennium: 1) DO pack travel size toiletries! Unless you are in one of the top tiers such as Aqua class, which advertises upscale toiletries as a perk, or in Suite, bring your own shampoo, soap and toothpaste, whether from home or your Singapore hotel. Those provided by Celebrity are made in China by a no-name brand and are the worst quality I have ever encountered in my world travels. The soap appears and feels like it was manufactured from gravel and creates no lather whatever. In the 2 weeks we were on our cruise, the soap barely decreased in size even with multiple uses every day. After experiencing the soap, we decided not to risk putting their shampoo anywhere near our eyes or skin. Fortunately we had enough shampoo and shower gel with us to last the cruise. Make sure you do. 2) DO bring your own slippers, which again are not provided in the lower tier booking categories. Accustomed to Azamara, this took us by surprise. I also bring a lightweight terry shift for after showers or swimming. 3) Shower caps are not provided. If you bring your own, keep it with your stuff or it might get thrown out. 4) Laundry on the ship is extremely expensive. Chances are it will cost more to launder your underwear on board than you spent on it. (Again, we were surprised by this since on Azamara free washing machines and dryers are provided, and doing one's own laundry was a popular pastime.) I recommend going through your old underwear, and bringing it along to "throw as you go," making room for souvenirs and other items to bring home. Alternatively, if that's not your thing or you don't have any old underwear, invest in some underwear that rolls and scrunches up very small. (I can fit 2 dozen of my lighweight travel undergarments into a one gallon baggie "packing cube.") 5) Unless you really like to dress up, don't waste space on bringing a suit or evening gown. Business casual is fine on the most formal of nights. I bring a few lightweight, rollable non- wrinkling dresses that can double as a coverup over a bathing suit or be dressed up with jewelry for elegance. Not into dresses? Pants for women, including jeans, are fine in all venues. Not looking to start any arguments with anyone who adores the cosmetics offered in Aqua class--just to provide practical pointers based upon personal experience to anyone interested.
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