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  1. Essiesmom, Thanks for responding... You seem to be Tech Savvy w/C/Critic... Me??? Not So much... Could you take the actions you outlined??? We have VERY FEW members on the post for this cruise. If you're going on the cruise, take a look at the posts on the one with "Mexican Riviera" in the Title. Thom.
  2. Hi, Looks like two forums have been created for this cruise with (slightly) different names… The one people are following is “Grand Princess Mexican Riviera September 23, 2019” THM
  3. I have been on 29 Princess Cruises.. When I found out Early Dining was moved to 5PM I didn't like it, but thought I would give it a try... My table had one couple the first two nights and another couple three of the last nights... The other evenings I dined alone... This was NOT the Princess Cruise Experience I had in the past or expected. My hope is that Princess monitors these forums and listens to the musings of their loyal customers. THM
  4. I've been cruising for a long time... When I started there was no such thing as Anytime Dining... You either had Early, Late or you ate at the buffet... I learned quickly that if you wanted the more popular Early Dining you either booked early or were on a "wait list"... Being on the "wait list" pretty well guaranteed you'd be assigned Late Dining. I've just returned from a 10 day cruise to Mexico on the Grand... I booked early and had confirmed 6PM dining... Heard the "buzz" on C/Critic long before I received the official notification from Princess... I ate in the Early dining room nine out of ten nights... Five of those nights I dined at my table alone... Two nights, one and two, there was a couple at my table who had not received the notification... They weren't happy and tried to get moved to Late... It was full... After two nights they decided to do the "wait in line" for Anytime... A couple of nights later, a very nice couple joined me... They had opted for Anytime but didn't realize they either would have to wait in line or carry a "Blue Light Beeper" device that gave them 10 minutes to get to the dining room or lose their place... Looking around the dining room those nine nights I saw MANY tables with MANY vacancies. I talked with many people on board about the change... Those that normally eat at 7-8PM or 5-6PM were happy... Those that opted for Anytime were dissatisfied. Those that paid for "Club Class" dining had no complaints... I said it in an earlier post and will repeat it now. I believe Princess is phasing out Traditional dining and replacing it with Anytime Dining and the much more lucrative Club Class Dining.
  5. That last sentence pretty well says it all... Just back from 10 days on the Grand... Stayed w/5PM because 7:30 was too late and didn't want to stand in line for Anytime... Past 28 cruises w/Princess have been delightful... This one, due to the rushed or absence of pre-dinner cocktails and appetizers, was not as good. Hope Princess is monitoring this thread... Notice that only 2-3 out of over a hundred respondents have been in favor of the change(s)... Do we have some "ringers" on this thread???
  6. What is late TD currently Thom? Thank you in advance Jenny J. Late T/D is 7:30P T.
  7. I am writing this as we leave P.V. for Manzanillo on the Grand, a 10 dayer out of S.F. to Mexico... I bet that a lot of you are Platinum or Elite... Let me state my feelings in no uncertain terms, EARLY TRADITIONAL DINING AT 5:00 PM SUCKS!!! Do you like to go to the Elite/Platinum Cocktail Party before dinner??? If you answered YES you are out of luck... You can... A. Wolf down a drink and scarf a nosh from 4:30-5:00 and be on time for dinner... or... B. Arrive late for dinner, inconveniencing your tablemates and hurrying through dinner (they have another group after you for Late T/D)... or... C. Stand in line for Anytime Dining or hit the buffet... This is not the Princess Cruises Dining Experience I enjoyed on my first 28 cruises with Princess but it may very well be my memory of my LAST cruise with Princess. Again, I hope P/Cruises monitors social media and acts accordingly. Thom.
  8. When Princess, Carnival, Holland America, RCL and NCL give up on T/Dining is when it will become a dead issue.
  9. I have been cruising for more than three decades, from being a young single guy - then with a variety of women - then with my wife - and, since I lost my wife, as a single traveler. (Note: No, she didn't die... We were in my car on the freeway... She asked to stop at a Rest Stop... She got out of the car... As soon as she went inside I drove away as fast as I could and never looked back!) [Rimshot] I have always tried for Early T/D... The two or three times I didn't book early enough and was "wait listed" for Early, and ended up in Late, I decided that dining at 8PM wasn't for me... I like to go to the Platinum/Elite Cocktail Party at 5PM and dinner at six. I think Princess should have given nine months to a years notice of the change... They didn't... I heard about it on social media past the time I could have cancelled without penalties... Princess sent the official notice of the change AFTER I would have paid a 100% penalty. I told Customer Relations that I thought this to be very "UnPrincessLy"... Yes, I had to invent a word to describe how I felt. Tomorrow I board the Grand out of S.F. for a ten day cruise to Mexico. I will report back to this thread on how the change affected my cruise and whether or not I will cruise with Princess in the future.
  10. Alaska cruises tend to skew toward older travelers... Young adults, like me (***), look for sunshine and beaches... "Lower my latitude, raise my attitude"... I'm a longtime birdwatcher, seeking the elusive avian "Tea Nee Bah Kini" is always my primary goal when selecting a vacation destination. I'm on the Grand to Mexico the ten days before you leave for Aloha Land... (Cross posted to another thread) Thom. (***) Full disclosure; I'm 71 years old! PS: When you're in Ensenada for your mandtory call at a foreign port I highly recommend lunch at El Rey Sol criss/cross the intersection from the pink high rise Villa Marina Hotel.
  11. I can't speak for Late T/D, but at Early T/D on my last 4-5 cruises I've notice an increasing number of empty seats... Especially later in the cruise... Empty seats means wasted labor... You can't "guess" who's going to show and who isn't so your staffing has to remain the same while the number of meals served declines... Anytime dining is more like a restaurant... Get em' in, get en' fed and get en' OUT! "Turn the table" as quickly as possible. When I started cruising ALL the dining rooms were T/D with two sittings... If you didn't make it to your scheduled time they would try to accomodate you or you'd have to hit the buffet... That's why I believe T/D will become an option, an option - like the specialty restaurants - for which you pay extra... That IMHO is the future... Wow... I speak "Tech"!!!
  12. This is going to be my 40th cruise, 29th with Princess. Early and late traditional diners have always had a show to attend after their evening meal... Hence the expression, 'dinner and a show'... I was just in communications with someone on the ship I'll be on next week, the Grand - S.F. to Mexico... The Elite/Platinum cocktail party, with those delicious appetizers, has been moved up to 4:30PM... I am not looking forward to grabbing a quick drink and nosh and rushing to be on time for dinner OR inconveniencing my fellow diners by being late and throwing off the rhythm of the wait staff. I have always booked early to get Early Dining... If you waited, in the past, you were on the "Wait List"... Waiting is something I don't want to do on cruise... Now, there is a "Wait List" to switch to Late, 7:15PM, dining. It's too late for my cruise, but if enough passengers voice their feelings on the Online Survey, today's equivalent of the Comment Card, perhaps we can make a difference. Or, perhaps, Traditional Cruise Dining is on its' deathbed.
  13. Thanks for the info... Anything else about the Grand that would be helpful to those of us boarding in ten days??? Please "Quote" me so I get an e-mail that you've responded. Thanks, Thom.
  14. Here's my prediction for the evening meals aboard Princess ships... Traditional... (scheduled times and assigned seating)… Dining will be phased out. Anytime dining will be the "included in the cost of the cruise" evening meal. Club Class Dining will be offered to all, not just Suite Passengers... Like the specialty restaurants, everyone will be given the option to pay a per day fee... like you do with the beverage and internet packages... and, like those packages, you'll have to pay for every night of the cruise. If you make the wait time to be seated for Anytime Dining, more and more passengers will opt for Club Class. That's my guess as to the long range plan to monetize dinnertime when you're on a Princess Cruise... Comments???
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