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  1. Things may change by January, but our next cruise leaves on Monday, January 3. Due to the New Year's Holiday, everything will be closed on Saturday. Most testing places are closed on Sunday when we fly, and even those that are open will likely be closed by the time we arrive at 4 pm. Has anyone tested at the airport on arrival? They seem to take appointments online, and operate late into the evening. Though clicking through the appointment site, they seem to targeted to departing flights only. Plus everyone else will have that idea and they'll be overwhelmed (though fortunately only 4 ships that I could find depart on Monday). I know we can do the home test in our hotel on Sunday night, though we'll have to see how late that runs (and how overwhelmed they'll be with Equinox/Apex cruisers leaving on 1/3...). Given the long waits to be seen mentioned earlier on this thread, that seems less optimistic. I guess an early Monday appointment is the other option if we can find one. Hopefully Celebrity comes up with a better solution, or the CDC relaxes their protocols.
  2. Correct, so they only tested close contacts. On the other hand, Celebrity emails and the healthy at sea website said everyone would be required to be tested before stopping in St. Thomas and Sint Maarten, but that isn't happening. In St. Thomas now, and SMX tomorrow, and no testing.
  3. There were at least 5 lines. I don't think there were enough to cover all possible times, so likely the 11:30 line was repurposed later, and so on. But in general, if you showed up early you waited and probably didn't get in6 why sooner. There was one line for suites. I would guess times didn't matter at all but I have no first-hand knowledge of that. Captain announced at 6:15 that we had to wait for a test result. Not clear if it was the result for a new crew member, unvaccinated youth, or someone abusing Florida's stupid no vax executive order (which I see on another thread has been stayed). So we left late with the end result that we saw a glorious sunset over Florida as we went out to sea. No idea. We tested (antigen) at 3 pm Thursday, so 69 hours before our noon embarcation. The check-in person looked at least for a date since he was crinkling his forehead until he found that. Whether he calculated the 3:00 test time is anyone's guess, but to me that seems unlikely. Then he took a photo of the results and sent us on our way. Which is another point.... The slowest part of this procedure was waiting for people to fish documents out of their bags of find them on their phones. Do everyone else a favor and have your electronic sea pass, physical passport, physical vax card, and physical test results out and in hand when you get to the top of the lines.
  4. Celebrity seems to have gotten the embarkation down: there were separate lines by time slot when we arrived this morning. We arrived right at noon for our noon boarding; it took about 10 minutes for us to enter the terminal (they would let in a few people from the line at a time) and about 30 minutes until we went through the various checkpoints. There were long lines in the 12:30-1 slot and the 1-1:30 slot, and shorter ones in the later lines. I doubt many of them made it in early. The way to spend the least amount of time in line: arrive 15 minutes into your half-hour time slot.
  5. My email this morning for next week's sailing says antigen or naat test 72 hours before sailing is required. And yes, I got the other mail about it on Friday. I wouldn't think they have changed the requirement; just sloppy emailing practices.
  6. Except that email (which I also received) says For more information to prepare for your cruise please visit HEALTHY AT SEA. So the email doesn't change anything from the website, and the more complete information on the website about Florida cruises still applies.
  7. How was the testing for SMX handled? Do you know if it was required even for people who stayed on ship?
  8. Here's the instructions: https://www.celebritycruises.com/faqs/luggage-tags As mentioned, it is North American guests only.
  9. Like everyone, I've been wildly vacillating between optimism and pessimism about cruising this summer, but then today our luggage tags arrived and suddenly the fact that I'll be on a cruise in 12 days finally sank in. Of course, bad things might *still* happen, but I'll stick with very optimistic for now. Also since luggage tags have been a question on other threads: yes it is apparently still the same. We requested them in the usual manner on the website about a week ago, and now they are here. YMMV.
  10. Received a similar email today -- though to be clear, there is a link to click and register for antigen tests if you are unvaccinated (and they include a code to use), but there is no similar link to click to inform them that you are vaccinated. I'd been waiting for them to call us (as other threads have reported) to verify that, but I guess I should call them pro-actively and have them enter that into their records.
  11. August 8 too. I expected at least to be asked if vaccinated so they can keep track, but there was no question. And I guess not officially checked in until you answer the health questions the day before boarding. But woo-hoo!!!!
  12. Who will be Captain on the Equinox when (if) they sail in a few weeks?
  13. I think it also depends on the ship. Edge passengers may be able to check in for August cruises, but check in is still not available for August 8 on Equinox.
  14. Exactly. And also to apply the HIV-positive terminology to this, the viral load in these cases is typically incredibly small. That means these individuals are extremely unlikely to spread the disease. I think also the problem is that people think of the vaccine as a shield. Think of a swimming pool -- the vaccine isn't a tarp that magically prevents things from falling into the pool. The vaccine is like the chlorine in the pool that neutralizes the things that do fall into the pool. If you're exposed to covid, it will enter your body and the vaccine (or really, your immune-system-primed-by-the-vaccine) will take care of it. But an extremely sensitive test taken during that short time will show a positive result, even though you probably aren't actually sick nor likely contagious.
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