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  1. You're comparing apples to hand grenades. If an unvaccinated sick person is on your plane or in your grocery store or passing by you in the street, by the time anyone else they infect gets sick, you'll be long gone and it will not inconvenience you in the slightest. If someone unvaccinated on a cruise gets sick, every other person on that ship gets treated like they're radioactive.
  2. I'm also fully vaccinated and also not worried about me getting sick. The unvaccinated passenger who brings the virus onboard screws up EVERYONE'S cruise. Unvaccinated passengers are also a higher risk to do something at home or enroute to the ship that infects them and brings the virus onboard. The Venn diagram between people who refuse to get vaccinated and people mad about enforced masking isn't a circle but it's pretty substantial.
  3. No. Not at all. HIPAA (this is the actual acronym) doesn't do any of what people are trying to drag it into to justify their vaccine arguments. It only covers anyone who sees any of your health care information as part of their job providing medical care, which includes back office/admin, and your medical insurance. HIPAA prevents people with authorized access to your health care information from releasing that information without your permission. This is a page and a half FAQ written in plain English and I recommend everyone in the US should go and read the whole thing
  4. That's a very common misconception. 95 % protection does not mean you have a 5% chance of getting the virus. It's much less than that. The risk to a vaccinated person is 5 % of risk to an unvaccinated person in the same conditions. The risk is up to 5 % only when the exposure is big enough under circumstances where EVERY unvaccinated person would get infected.
  5. Whether or not to get a vaccination is absolutely a choice. But someone who chooses not to get a vaccination has to face that they are also choosing all the consequences of that choice. Airlines and hotels and cruise lines are private businesses. There is nothing in any law that says voluntarily un-vaccinated people are a protected class that a private business has to service. A bunch of cruise lines have already said they're going to require vaccinations. No shirt No shoes No service is going to become No shot No shirt No shoes No service. There's nothing new
  6. Northern California has been doing mass vaccinations at places like county fairgrounds, large medical group offices, and Moscone Center in SF. My county has been making appts and vaccinating county residents (have to show ID with address) 65 or older for weeks. I got the 1st shot two weeks ago, 2nd shot will be on Wednesday.
  7. Yes. This. That's a common misconception. 95% protection does NOT mean 5% of the people vaccinated are unprotected. Each person fully vaccinated has a 95% chance of not getting the virus if they're exposed to someone who is sick, when it's under conditions where they would have gotten sick per-vaccination. Best friend comes to visit, stays all evening, you talk and laugh in close contact, best friend wakes up the next day with symptoms. Every exposed vaccinated person's risk would be just a 5% chance of having gotten COVID-19 from them. There's no group of 5% who would
  8. Whole bunch of Royal & Celebrity ships anchored off Coco Cay in the Bahamas. They bring one ship into a Florida port every couple of weeks. Fresh provisions, mail call, crew changes, all for the whole anchorage fleet.
  9. Not sure who took it but today (Monday) she docks in Rotterdam on her last voyage as MS Rotterdam. Has been sold to Fred Olsen and will sail as MS Borealis.
  10. I second both parts of this. Loved the Amsterdam inside cabins midship on deck 3. There's a block of 7 inside cabins between the atrium and the midship stairs. It's the Promenade deck so there's doors to outside between the midship stairs & elevators. Despite how much I loved it, don't think I'd ever be comfortable in an inside cabin again.
  11. AIDA has three ships sailing next month with no port calls.
  12. It's up on youtube for those who don't do facebook. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpmxSbueOP4
  13. Captain updated again. http://captainjonathan.com/15th-may-manila-bay/ The wheels of officialdom and paperwork grind very slowly but among many other things he says his relief lives in the Philippines and the crew threw him a retirement party.
  14. Cruise fares are going to be very high. They have to be. It costs cruise lines X numbers of dollars monthly to park a ship with a skeleton crew. Running cruises costs them several time X dollars monthly. Running cruises under any social distancing of passengers, so fewer of them, plus increased operational costs at the very least for constant cleaning and sanitizing, will be significantly more expensive per passenger. They're don't have to turn a profit on every cruiseto be better off, but they have to generate enough cash so that the average net loss per cruise is l
  15. Amsterdam at 17 knots headed away from Jakarta. No idea if she's leaving or just moving. https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9188037 ETA: oops sorry for the version I posted with six copies of the screen grab.
  16. Guessing here but probably at least a couple of hundred? Officers, a couple of office/HR people, deck crew, security, engine room, environmentals, food service, laundry, cleaning crew who also maintain the hotel areas.
  17. The captain posted a 4/20 update. http://captainjonathan.com/20th-april-2/
  18. Change in plans. Originally it was going to be west the long way around. Freemantle to Durban, down around Cape Good Hope, up & across the Atlantic to Florida.
  19. How dare they defer usual levels of customer service (to people who are home and safe) just because other people are actively dying on their ships right now in the midst of a global pandemic. Not their highest priority. Not even top ten. Repeated outraged emails and phones calls over refunds aren't going to move anyone up the priority list in the current crisis. Might be a good idea to at least wait until passengers stop dying.
  20. Good luck and continued safe travels to Captain Mercer and all her crew onboard the Amsterdam! Roy - Maybe not. The Netherlands has opted for trying to get to controlled herd immunity among those least at risk of dying, instead of locking down everyone. As of April 5h, 16,627 tested positive, 1,651 dead.
  21. Amsterdam's current status is "at anchor"
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