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  1. I was lead to believe it was just the ones on the ends, so not the corner balconies and not the middle ones. We had the opposite side (and our pole was on the opposite side from your pic) and it was also an Upper cabin. I would guess it's all of those, but maybe someone else can confirm. Looking forward to the rest!
  2. 😄 We stayed in one of these aft balconys on the Elation last May! And we made the same comments (running into it drunk and why not put it right in the middle. LOL
  3. Has anyone else been doing the slot spins in the 20 cruises in 2020 promotion? Just curious if anyone has won a gift card yet. Hubby and I have been spinning everyday, but alas no winners. However, I do seem to keep getting 3 symbols on the line with 2 of them the same. So close!! Shouldn't the whale tail be a wild card? 😏
  4. On the Elation, the Gatsy's Great Bar, outside of the Cole Porter lounge should have the games on. That is the default sports area of the Fantasy class ships. Good luck!
  5. You put more money into the casino to get the higher offers. Doesn't necessarily mean you lose more, just that you are betting more. Accumulating more points on the slots, etc. = more $ in your offers.
  6. Yes. There should be an area at check-in for the Getaway cruisers and you will board after Diamond and Platinum,. Not sure if before FTTF or with them.
  7. They could buy your husband or you a drink. That would be free to you and would not count against your 15 drinks/day. They may also send a gift to your room: cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, a voucher for the Steakhouse (or 2 Steakhouse selections in the MDR), or a voucher for a bottle of wine. It would completely depend on the host.
  8. Yes, it should say Free Drinks On Us, then while playing in the casino in smaller print. if it includes a companion, it would say, Free Drinks On Us for You and one travel companion.
  9. Yes, which is why I don't have a problem taking it with me.
  10. We're frequently at the Outer Banks, NC where lots of folks collect sea glass. This May, we took our first trip to Grand Turk and on the way back from Jack's Shack, we were walking along the water line and I saw a bright green object and stopped! It was sea glass!! We got all excited and started picking up piece after piece. I joked with hubby that folks were looking at us, thinking "Why are those people so happy to be picking up trash?" 😃 We don't pick up sand or shells, but honestly, this was just cleaning up the beach!😎
  11. Had to make a short trip to the infirmary on our recent Ecstasy cruise - non-emergency issue, but not a band-aid either. It was such a clean, welcoming place. The doctor and receptionist were so friendly and helpful with my questions. It was at a time when we were docked in port and I am sure that if there had been multiple emergencies occurring it would have been more of an ER vibe, but overall, I was very pleased with my visit. To each his own.
  12. My guess is you will have the card, but in our experience in our last Premier cruise, the computers know. We ordered a soda while in the casino about 10 minutes before the machines turned on. There was a charge, but our server backed it out and rang it up again after the computer knew the casino was open.
  13. Early October of this year, so you should be good to go!
  14. I think you are right that if she waited a few days it would be harder to find friends. When you get closer, it might be worth a phone call to Carnival to ask for her to start in O2 on the first night.
  15. Yes, that should work. It will reduce your space for full length hanging items if you or our traveling companions have lots of dresses, etc.
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