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  1. We told our daughter we were going on an adventure. The look on her face when she first saw the ship is priceless!! So, my only advice is to make sure you guys have cameras ready to snap away when they finally figure it out!! Enjoy your cruise and don't worry, the littles will likely enjoy their time with the grands without the older kids taking their valuable time!
  2. The hub app is free. You are charged for the chat feature - $5 per device for the whole cruise using the ships WiFi in airplane mode, so no roaming fees.
  3. We've had similar situations using BJs Travel. You may have to hound the contact at Costco, but they should be able to make this work for your parents. If they don't, I would have them get something from Carnival saying they did not receive anything from them, so your folks can get a gift card from Costco once they return. Good luck!
  4. Take them with you. I brought home a black chip a few years ago. It was tucked into the corner of my black purse and got missed. When I went on my next cruise, no problem cashing it in. It wasn't 4 years later, so please come back and let us know if you were able to get your money!
  5. I have seen them but can't say if they are on every ship. They are usually the older machines.
  6. Congrats!! We really enjoy the Elation. I am doing that same itin this May and plan to post a review when we get back. It will be our first time to either of those ports.
  7. If you have offers for money, then you should get them. Just check in with the host when you get to the casino. Sorry, but I can't help with the SE question.
  8. For the littles, the kid's club can be fun and they have Dr. Seuss' parade, storytime and photo ops. Also, the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and 2 have been known to dance at Sailaway! Hope you guys have fun!!
  9. If you are not a fan of this class, be warned that Ecstasy is the same class as the Elation and she will have not had the cabin upgrades in May. Not scheduled for dry dock until October this year. Thanks for the review! I do love reading other's opinions because it always reminds me that we all have different ones! That's a good thing! We loved the tomato our way soup (with garlic!) and not a person at our chef's table did not finish the Wagyu. It is described as a beef and bone marrow souffle and was so tender, I would have loved to have that instead of the horrid beet soup - on that one we agree! Glad that the casino was good to you all. I'm hoping it is for us on our upcoming cruise! Thanks again for taking the time to write up your thoughts!
  10. We have used them with our daughter from age 6 and up with no issues. There is a small rail on the side. Before that, we did the rollaway beds on the floor. To answer your space question, it folds into a section of the wall and is flat when closed and locked. No issue whatsoever.
  11. Will do! We've been on an Aft on the Liberty, so I'll be comparing to that.
  12. Yes! Would love to hear about your Chef's Table experience!
  13. Nice! Would love to hear about it once you are back. We were in a balcony but this week an Aft Extended balcony opened up and hubby snagged it right up! We won't see where we are going, just watch where we've been!!
  14. Gatsby Bar is the closest to Alchemy that you will find. They do offer "Martini" tastings there during each cruise. (I get your quotes exactly!) We'll be on Elation in 17 days, then again on May 12th sailing. Will we see you for a drink at Gatsby's?🥂
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