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  1. Here in California we are up to 525 deaths a day. They say 1 person dies every 6 minutes. Inside dining still shut down and outside too in LA County. I have been working this whole time in the office, but 1/2 work from home. We've only had a few people at work get it or off on quarantine and everyone has not had any major problems. We don't go out much, but we do have to wear masks in the stores. Governor Newsom almost has enough votes to be recalled. What a joke our governor is. No one in our family or any relatives have had it. You watch though, Biden will magically make it go a
  2. May 2021 Panorama if it's a go. Rebooked from last May.
  3. Read the whole report this weekend. Our May 9th on Panorama was cancelled and we rebooked for next May. Loved that you posted all the menus and food pictures. I have to say I did skip the Hollywood pictures. I have lived in SoCal all my life and I've been there once and never wanted to go back. Right now it's in shambles because of all the rioting, protesting, and looting. Glad you got to see it before this all happened. I did see the Weezer video and watched it. I love them! Hope cruising starts again soon. Can't wait to get on a ship again. Thanks for all your details on your repo
  4. We go to Baja Brewing. It's close to Medano Beach. It's a long walk from the marina, but doable. It's on top of a hotel and overlooks the whole bay area. Good food and beers. We too are craft beer drinkers. So glad to hear the Panorama has a brewery on board!
  5. Cab is best. Just make sure you ask to be taken to Jardin Botanico and not Vallarta Gardens. We had a miscommunication with our driver and he took us to Vallarta Gardens which is a resort in the complete opposite direction! The Botanico Gardens are beautiful and the onsite restaurant is delicious! Nice hiking trails too.
  6. The traffic around the Malecon area was bad when we were there in November on a one ship port day. The day that had 3 in port we avoided that area and stayed at our hotel. I could only imagine how bad a 4 ship day would be. Just think of all the extra taxis, Uber's, buses, etc.... I would allow some extra time just to be sure.
  7. On one cruise in February when we left LA it was in the 90's and the day we came back it was hailing. 🙂 You just never know. So far every cruise out of LA we have had smooth sailing. My husband does take Bonine everytime just in case.
  8. We just got back from a week in Puerto Vallarta. On two different days we were in vehicles (one a taxi, and one a small van) and both drivers went on the other side of the road to pass slower drivers in front of them. I just closed my eyes and prayed. Then back home here in California, on Thanksgiving day a jeep passed two slow cars on a two lane road and he almost had a head on collision. People need to relax and drive a little slower.
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