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  1. We did the level 9 tour a couple of days before we boarded the ship. with that you actually have 1 day for the tour and another day that you can go back at your leisure. It was incredibly awesome even though we were both like zombies (our plane out of SLC was late causing us to miss the connection we had in phoenix and not being able to take another flight til 8pm out of PHX getting us into HOU at 12:30am hotel at 2am which had a broken AC needless to say we hadn't had much sleep before we had to be out to NASA at 10!) we really enjoyed it. The awe of sitting in the old Mission control room where Gene Krantz and other had sat for Apollo 13 and other Apollo missions was incredible. we also got to sit in the mock up test simulator of the shuttle. it was so worth the $89pp to do the tour! We wanted to go back the 2nd day but there were other things we wanted to do too and so limited time. Saturday we headed for the Battle ship Texas then to Galveston for the evening.
  2. Although that was one of the things I wanted to do never really got to the seaside theatre per sec--however we were up on lido deck several times and saw the screen working so I don't think there was a problem with it. and no one was working on it! we just didn't have time to stay and watch and when we were up there sun was shining on it making it kinda difficult to see. FYI I will be posting a review not sure how to post the pics though so it probably won't be pic intensive. It may take a while to get review done. I've been going non stop since I got home and will go back to work on Thursday.
  3. Just back from a wonderful cruise on Magic! but I have 1 question--How long do the charges take to post on your cc?? I thought it would be immediately but have nothing on either of our cc's we used nor are there any pending charges--we were charged $200 on our bank cc but then in another transaction there was a 190 credit which doesn't make sense. we actually never even received a statement that you normally get under your door although we checked both s&s accounts periodically on the TV and even checked them yesterday morning before leaving the ship and everything looked good. just curious Thank you. Also when I get time I will post a review of our trip which was absolutely incredible!
  4. I hope I don't sound like i'm boasting! I'm just so excited that's all-- Ports--Cozumel, GC and Jamaica
  5. Soo Excited! we actually leave in 6 days for Texas! will spend 2 days there before we board the Magic out of Galveston! i'm going nuts right now!!! So excited for NASA too!!
  6. We're getting that way too but not quite! it won't be long now though--Dance away! we are 2 weeks out from leaving!
  7. We're flying into Hobby and renting a car from Avis and returning it to Texas City (were also staying there as well at the Best Western that's in the mall area) we're arranging for a cab to take us to the pier the morning of the cruise and then I purchased the Galveston express transportation back to the airport when we get back. we got good rates for both and Avis even has a drop box that you can return the car before the mall opens on Sunday (they don't open til 10 and we wanted to be at the pier at 10)
  8. We booked them for our trip back to Hobby after our cruise. Much less than Carnival transfers at about $20pp. they also go to the main airport in Houston too. ICH??
  9. We are flying in on Thursday for our Sunday Cruise. We managed to get tickets to the level 9 tour at NASA for Friday--( They only do the level 9 tours M-F and only take about 13 people--they are also expensive at $89 per person but it includes lunch) it's more in depth than the normal tours and tram tour so we're really excited about it. you can go to spacecenter.org to find out more about the different tours etc. (I might add also that it includes admission for a 2nd day to just roam around and do the regular tours etc. since this level 9 takes most of the day) We also plan to go to Galveston the next day and hang out there. We're staying at the Best Western Mainland in Texas City got fairly good rates and incl. breakfast. We're flying into Hobby and rented a car which we can return in Texas City and take a shuttle for $50 (Avis) or we're taking a taxi for about $35 the morning of the cruise. So excited about everything! Galveston Express has a shuttle that runs between the airports and Galveston their rates are really good but they don't stop in Texas City however we booked them for the trip from Galveston to Hobby when we get back from the cruise. much less than the Carnival Transfer at $20 per person! instead of the 35 or so that Carnival charges.
  10. Sorry about your injury but the way I look at it is that you already had the time scheduled for your cruise right??? What can they do about an on the job Injury?? I really don't see how they would have a problem with it. Good luck and hopefully you'll heal quick. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. We'll be leaving in a couple of weeks too Aug 9 will be anxious to see how it's all played out.
  12. I found one at Walmart for about 4 bucks. 6 outlet and does NOT have surge protection on it.
  13. Is this ok?? We both have CPAP's and need to plug them in. Fortunately the newer models of the CPAP's that we have have longer cords but what I plan to do is run an extension cord from the vanity area under the bed and plug in our cpaps from there. can we still have a non protected power strip if it's new so we can plug in our phones too?
  14. Only ask cause I wondering if it's safe to print tags and boarding pass?? if there is a likelihood of it changing I will wait till it gets closer.
  15. Finally got our room assignment 30 days out!! Anything we should know about this room?? Was hoping for a little higher but still happy with the balcony!! I booked guar bal. so I expect nothing more. Iam happy with what I have!! 4 weeks!!!! Or 30 days which ever and we'll be sailing away!! So excited!!!!!
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