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  1. tootsiescurly

    Elite perks eliminated???

    Actually, they have them from late September thru April from San Pedro. They are interspersed with the 7 day Mexican Riviera and 14/15 day Hawaii cruises.
  2. tootsiescurly

    You Loose your Promo Accepting an Upsell

    Moral of the story - book with Princess instead of a TA.
  3. tootsiescurly

    Grand-Chef's Table

    Also, they do not have Chef's Tables on 3 and 4 day cruises.
  4. tootsiescurly

    Pay to upgrade?

    Mimicking Carnival. I agree, it denigrates the Captain's Circle perks.
  5. tootsiescurly

    LOST picture ID! Sail in 2 weeks, now what?

    There is a passport office in the Federal Building on Wilshire Blvd in Westwood. They can process a passport quickly. Had a friend get one the same day.
  6. Try Super Shuttle - much cheaper.
  7. tootsiescurly

    Club Class Breakfast

    We like the fact breakfast is made to order in Sabatini's/Crown Grill. Was the club class breakfast made to order or standard cruise breakfast fare?
  8. tootsiescurly

    Club Class Breakfast

    Thank you!
  9. tootsiescurly

    Club Class Breakfast

    We loved the suite breakfast at Sabatini's. Has club class dining eliminated this suite perk? We will be sailing on the Ruby Princess.
  10. tootsiescurly

    How much to expect with debit card hold amount?

    We set up a separate account with our bank for travel. We can manually transfer funds into it but no automatic transfers. We put the exact amount of money we plan on spending into this account. Thus it makes using a debit card feasible. Fortunately our bank does not charge service fees because unless we are traveling it only has about $10 in it.
  11. tootsiescurly

    Inspectors caught Carnival crew hiding dirty conditions

    I agree. We have been sailing Princess in recent years. Chose this next cruise because our home port is also LA. Couldn't find a short cruise this time in January on Princess.
  12. tootsiescurly

    What is the worst excursion you have been on?

    Scuba diving on a ships excursion in Belize. Too many people. Didn't care for the dive operation. A very inexperienced diver nearly killed my when she was not paying attention to her surroundings. We chose the ships excursion because of time constraints. Last time we were in Belize on a cruise did not dive because of 2 bad experiences using the ship's excursion.
  13. tootsiescurly

    Inspectors caught Carnival crew hiding dirty conditions

    Looks like Celebrity, Princess, RCL, and NCL have a much better track record!
  14. tootsiescurly

    Inspiration Owner's Suite

    We got an upsell call for the Inspiration Owner's Suite. They wanted an additional $1200 for a 4 day sailing. My husband and I have sailed in this suite in the past. We are currently booked in a Grand Suite. We have recently been sailing Princess. We always book suites. Princess has many nice suite perks - free specialty restaurant dinner the first night, bottle of sparkling wine upon embarkation, daily fresh fruit and hor d'oeuvres, a dedicated restaurant for suite guests to have breakfast which is freshly made, an evening happy hour with hor d'oeuvres, and more. Carnival has very few. An additional $1200 made this cruise more than the same cruise on Princess in one of their aft suites. Made absolutely no sense to accept this offer for merely a bigger room under the jogging track!
  15. tootsiescurly

    WiFi on Inspiration

    Thank you! This is the information I needed. Exactly, I am doing paperwork, not trying to stream video.