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  1. Oh how I would love to be onboard now! it has been too long. Thank you for posting because it gives the rest of us some hope for future cruises. Enjoy your wonderful cruise vacation!
  2. I only went to Princess Cays once and brought my snorkeling gear, went in from the beach, was kind of disappointed with the area. Sorry, just my opinion. I have had awesome snorkeling experiences in Bonaire, Aruba, Grand Cayman, Barbados, St Lucia...
  3. Thank you Princess for the nice birthday message that you sent me. I can't wait until I am back on the ship to celebrate!🎂
  4. DH and I each sent ours in-thank you for posting the link!
  5. We drive down to San Diego Bay and get to see the Milleneum occasionally. She sits just off the coast, teasing us until our next booked cruise in September.
  6. I would be happy on a ship right now, almost any ship🙂
  7. Hi Thread, Got laid off on 1/4/2021 after 29+ years, I wish I could have booked a cruise and just sailed away that first month. Working on getting vaccines now, getting $ in order and we just booked a cruise with no flights in September. I sure hope all of the ships start sailing soon and are healthy!!!
  8. one more dog-mask post (all pictures borrowed from an email from small goods usa cheese shop in la jolla california) if ever in san diego, they make beautiful charcuterie plates.
  9. Everyone is posting memes and talking about coming out of this quarantine with a new skill or side gig. I'm just sitting here wondering how I never noticed there's a turd in Saturday.
  10. Ask not what staying home on the couch can do for you, but staying home on the couch can do for your country.
  11. Norris, this is such a welcome-read during our Covid-19 shut in time! I had already read and enjoyed your more recent Celebrity and Azamara threads but am glad I didn't read all of your reviews because it is so nice to visit reviews of happier times. We will get back there again some day! Thank you for all of your great pictures and stories.
  12. Thanks for responses, I am just missing cruising. I understand that until a vaccine is available there is not much chance for cruising. To hcats point; Although if locals could cruise from So Cal without flying, with passengers wearing masks, with no buffet food service, maybe reduced amount of passengers/crew, and out-door excursions-walking (not sure how to safely bus people), that would be starting cruising back local and "cautiously." For now, long walks on the beach and take out from favorite restaurants will have to fill my need for travel. Take care everyone.
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