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  1. I'm so glad I can take it, or leave it, WRT alcohol. During football tailgating season, I take it a lot, but during the off season, I mostly leave it. At the prices charged for alcohol on any cruise ship, I can very easily leave it. I can survive very nicely on the regular coffee, water, etc available on Lido and Dining Room.
  2. No. Leaving on a southern Caribbean cruise very soon. I would not be going on any cruise that took me to SE Asia though.
  3. I still like getting away. Haven't been anywhere since the end of November. Looking forward to getting away to Florida and a cruise next month. We also have a travel trailer which we use a lot. In 2018, we did a two month trip through the Rockies and upper Plains. Every fall, we do at least 9 football weekends where we meet up with friends who also have RV's. Plus there are numerous times during the spring and summer we meet with friends for 3 day weekends. As long as I'm physically able, I hope to keep up my current schedule.
  4. It's definitely a plus that my SIL & BIL are traveling with us, and that HAL put us in cabins that are next door to each other. And with the metal partition between our cabin and their suite open, we'll have a lot of "real estate" between us. Should get a lot of good views . Going through the locks will require some time out of the cabins when we go forward to the bow to see what's going on up there.
  5. Zuiderdam, Sunfarer to the Panama Canal, Verandah VB 4178. It was originally a VH Guarantee. What helped, I think, is my SIL was linked to our booking, and she booked a Neptune suite.
  6. We are 38 days out from sailing, and we got our room assignment today (01/31/20)
  7. That would be great. Looking at the deck layout, opening the balcony divider would open up a lot of "real estate". Across the back, and up the side of the ship.
  8. The wait is over for us. Got an email from HAL today. Our Guarantee VF Verandah was changed to VB 4178, on the fantail. When we booked, we linked with my wife's sister. She booked a Neptune suite. She is in Suite 4180 which is on the corner on the fantail next door to us. Before, we've always been amidship, either in an inside cabin or in a balcony stateroom.
  9. Final payment was made at time of booking.
  10. Question #1 - Is there a place on HAL website where I can see what cabins are already booked? Question #2 -After booking and paying in full for my cruise at the VF guarantee level, is it possible to contact HAL and request a particular cabin, albeit paying whatever the up charge would be? Question #3 - We are traveling with my wife's sister and have been linked since we both booked. However, they booked a Neptune suite while we booked a VF guarantee. I know we will not that close to them, but is there any chance we will be as close to them as possible knowing of cours
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Something to think about. I'll have to ask the rest of the group if they might be up for this excursion.
  12. OK, it's a done deal now. There will be four of us, my wife and me plus her sister and brother in law. Really looking forward to it. Thanks to all who responded to my initial question. Now, I'll decide whether we will do the passage on the HAL sponsored excursion to the Pacific Ocean, and then back to the ship in Colon. As I think I mentioned in my initial post, we'll be on the March 8 sailing on the Zuiderdam.
  13. Do you remember how much this excursion to the Pacific ocean is?
  14. Thanks everyone for the replies. Good information.
  15. I'm sure a full transit is the best way to go, but that isn't in the cards, at least now, so I'll just be content to see one end of the canal.
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