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  1. Thank you for verifying what I worried would happen to me! Closet-cabin! I just told my travel agent two days to change mine to a balcony. I said I was splurging but I can be on the same deck as everyone else that is traveling now. There are few others going this time that I know but I am the only one not sharing cabin with anyone. I’m fine with that. I will do own thing and probably just meet with some of them for some meals. But I was really stressing about the studio. Now I’m not.
  2. I just returned home yesterday from first solo cruise. It was only a 4 day cruise on Carnival. It was delightful. I would do it again in a heartbeat, however I'm not sure I could go for 7 days, that's just me. I would go for 5 days. Maybe I just need to work up to a longer cruise alone. I'm scheduled on Norwegian Escape in November and there are people I know going but I have a studio cabin. The price on inside cabins have dropped. I debated on an inside cabin to begin with and now the debate in my head is even louder. I know you aren't in your cabin much but I'm a bit claustrophobic and I'm just not sure I can handle the studio cabin. I keep going back and forth about it.
  3. I am 9 days away from my first solo cruise. The meals make a tiny bit nervous but I will just go with the flow. What I'm the most nervous about is that I'm booked to go to Mr. Sanchos Beach Club at Cozumel. I don't feel comfortable taking a taxi myself in Mexico. My family vacationed this past summer in Mexico. I'm not fearful to go there. But I would be nervous about taking a taxi alone there. On our facebook group page others have said they are going and they say there will be vans at the pier that will go. I assume it will be the same going back. I hope that part of my cruise goes off without a hitch. I'm 58 years old and going on my third cruise and my first solo one. Never too late to start!
  4. I will be going on my first solo cruise later this month? I have looked at various items to secure my cell phone, passport (while at port), cash etc. From small boxes with locks to cinch sacks with locks. What will work best when I take a dip in the ocean or the pool? For those of you seasoned solo cruisers, what so you suggest? What has worked best for you?
  5. Thank you. I just looked at the bookings at in Sept and Oct. Have cruises booked next month and one in November. Trying to decide whether to book another one already. I definitely want to try one of these adult only voyages. Some of the fall ones are not that pricey.
  6. I'm considering it. 10 days is definitely too long for me. 5 to 7 days is fine with me and they have 5 day ones and adults only is definitely enticing. What does everyone else think? I just wish there were some in the fall or winter months but I'm still thinking about it. I'm looking at a solo cabin.
  7. I just booked a studio for the first time yesterday. Now I am having qualms. I am a little claustrophobic. I am thinking I should upgrade to an inside. The sail away insides are sold out. So I'm looking at about $400 more give or take. I know that studios are not offered the option for bidding upgrade later. Should I just hope that the balconies don't sell out and I can get one of those closer to the sailing for 400 or 500 more? I often see the balcony prices dropping drastically closer to a sail date. I welcome suggestions from those that have been in studios and those were in studios that upgraded before the the sail date. How did you do that?
  8. If you book a regular cabin on NCL rather than studio cabin and I'm solo can I still get access to the studio lounge? Where do they have the meetup to make plans for dinner. In the studio lounge or a bar?
  9. Carnival - March 21, 2019 - My first solo cruise. I know it’s only a 4 day cruise so probably not too many solos. But I’m so anxious to take a solo cruise and I just got back from a cruise with friends in November. This was all the budget would allow. Next winter I'm doing a solo cruise on Norwegian. Saving for it!
  10. Thank you very much! That's what I am looking forward to. Only doing what I want to do!
  11. It is a short 4 day Carnival cruise in March. It will be my 3rd cruise overall. I've done with one with NCL and one with Carnival. I know that Norwegian caters more to solo cruisers but I just took a cruise with friends in October. I"m really anxious to go on alone and this is all my budget will allow. But then I'm saving for aa solo cruise on Norwegian. I'm 58 years old and I have traveled cross country to visit my daughter and grandson and I have traveled cross country to take trainings, but I have never taken a vacation like this alone. The last cruise I did have my own cabin and I loved it! I did a lot of my own things and met up with my friends at dinner. Dinner is what worries me a little. I did have any time dining but changed it to late dining hoping to get seated with others and possibly other solo cruisers. I'm excited.
  12. I haven't done a solo cruise yet and I am very close to doing my first one. I've read about NCL having the nightly meetings in the studio lounge and inviting those that want to dine together to sign up and they will get let them dine together. What if I cruise on one of the NCL ships that doesn't have solo cabins and the studio lounge? Does Norwegian have anything set up for solo cruisers to meet on those ships?
  13. I'm also considering my first solo cruise. I'm a retired teacher. I've gone on two other cruises with friends. The second cruise I had a cabin to myself and paid the single supplement but I enjoyed doing what I wanted to do and then meeting up with my friends for dinner. I'm planning to do one on Norwegian. I was trying to budget this year and I was going to do a 5 day one in February on the Jade. But I'm wondering if I should spend a bit more do a 7 day one on the Getaway with solo cabins. Then I know there will be a solo lounge and get togethers for solo cruisers. Are there anything special for solo cruisers on NCL on the ships that don't have the solo cabins?
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