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  1. I never said anything about going, just said I’m booked.
  2. I’m currently booked on the Getaway leaving from New Orleans on Sunday, April 12. Have no doubts it will get canceled. Just waiting for the official announcement so we can get the refund (don’t want the FCC).
  3. Same. We're on the April 12th 7-Day Western Caribbean out of New Orleans booked since December 2018...
  4. Got off the Sky yesterday (3 Night). Business as usual, self serve in buffet, condiments on tables. I would agree to say that hand sanitizing was increased and overall lots of cleaning happening on the ship. It was a good cruise with the exception of disembarkation (which was a mess - took over an hour to get off the ship).
  5. On the Sky now. It’s a short 3 night weekend cruise out of Miami and the ship is full. Theater was completely full for comedy show last night, poolside chairs were all taken (with actual people) for sail away and it’s taking about five minutes to get a drink from the bar. About 2 deep most of the time. Again its a short weekend cruise at the start of spring break so that may be the reason...
  6. Hard to say right now. It’s still early but the waiting area is about 75% full.
  7. Waiting In the boarding area now... There were people taking temperatures (digital scan) at the entrance and they added a health questionnaire addendum for Coronavirus. (See attachment) They also went through every page in our passport to check for travel. Took us about five minutes total from walking in the door to getting our pre-boarding pictures taken.
  8. Ahh, great point! I hadn’t thought about that. Thanks!
  9. So I’m on the Sky for three nights this weekend. We leave Miami and sail to Key West and Nassau. Will the ship travel to Key West from Miami in “international waters” or will we be within 3 miles from the coast the entire time? That could end up being an expensive two days...
  10. Bird - Do you have a recent copy of what's available on the Sky in terms of what's considered Premium and Premium Plus? We sail in three weeks, was wondering if anything's changed.
  11. Loving the Live Trip Review York! 😉
  12. What about sailing out of New Orleans? 8 hours on the Mississippi until you hit the Gulf and then still have to get into international waters? That could be a lot of $$$ in drink taxes... 🙂
  13. Thanks c-leg5! I’ll reply as such. We’re really looking forward to our day in Roatan! (Even requested Arnold if he’s available!) I appreciate your insights!
  14. Did you have to pay a deposit for your Rony tour? I’m setting up a private tour for our April cruise and they asked me if I wanted to pay a deposit or pay in full. I was under the impression we paid when we met them at the port? Any advice? Thanks in advance!
  15. Sorry if they’re posted somewhere, couldn’t find them when I searched. I’ll be on the Sky (March 6-9) and am looking for dailies for that itinerary. Thanks in advance if anyone has any info. Thanks!
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