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  1. Wondering about Olden and a trip to the Briksdal glacier. Will we need NOK to pay for the Troll Car and public bus or can we use a CC? Thanks for any advice!
  2. Why don’t you experiment with dry cleaner bags without using hangers? They take up no room and you might be pleasantly surprised.
  3. No smoking is allowed in staterooms or on balconies, including e-cigarettes.
  4. We also booked Alla Tours and had two excellent days of touring.
  5. I have been packing in dry cleaner plastic bags for years and never have wrinkles. My husband does, too. He even packs 6-8 shirts together, leaving them on hangers then inserting them inside a dry cleaner bag - easy to hang and wrinkle free. I usually combine my formal gowns together, on hangers, and similarly insert them into long dry cleaner bags.
  6. We either bring onboard or order from the ship’s florist a few stems of fragrant lilies. They perfume the cabin and as soon as we enter we know we’re “home.” The bathroom is another matter entirely.
  7. We once shared a table with a guest lecturer who was quite full of himself. He did come out with one comment we have not forgotten. He was a “colleague” of Steven Hawking at Cambridge and called him a “pain in the ass.” We had the distinct impression that the sentiment was returned.
  8. Though it has been “retired” the bars produce a Secret Garden whenever I ask. It is best suited to warm weather, though. Hendrik's Gin shaken with St. Germaine Elder flower liquor and Apple juice topped with Ginger ale served with a straw and a slice each of apple and cucumber.
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