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  1. New to RCCL, with the drink package do you only pay the additional gratuity when going over the $12 limit or will there be gratuity charges for every drink i order in addition to what we pay for with the drink package? Thanks in advance.
  2. Great job on the vlogs. In a lot of the videos it seems like it was very crowded. My wife is very concerned about the crowded feel and doesn't enjoy that scene so much. Did it feel crowded while on board? We haven't cruised in some years, and are about to book. Thanks for taking the time.
  3. I believe so. The bAck of the gift cards does show DCL as included.
  4. I may be in the minority, but I think you are over-analyzing the situation a bit here. While some (mostly that happen to be on the princess boards here) may prefer the smaller ship, I know that many others truly enjoy the larger ships. I think this is really a matter of personal preference. In my estimation the only reason smaller ships are going to be easier to fill right now is just that, their smaller capacity and today's economy. Statistically people just aren't traveling right now. I suspect the Oasis would have been a huge hit had it come out 2-4 yrs ago. Or perhaps in another 2-3 years when we hopefully get out of this economic mess. Just my 2 pennies.
  5. What role does politics or being liberal play in any of this? I know some people on here can't resist, but honestly maybe you could crowbar another political reference onto the cruise board. Totally ridiculous......
  6. HAHAHAHA...Lawsuit? Good luck and good riddance....you probably shouldn't cruise on any line as they all have had issues like this at one time or another. In fact, maybe I have a lawsuit against the airline I flew on last week because they diverted due to a mechanical issues. Give me a break.....:rolleyes:
  7. [quote name='bc057']Thanks for all the replies, and I apologize if I stir something up. Thanks everyone to share their past experiences. I am glad most of you had great experiences with the crew members, and I hope I will share the same joy with you during our upcoming trip. (And yes, I took notes about all the bad experiences too) Also, thanks for Griller's comments as well. I should had checked the ship's name properly. I am just too familiar with the Company Name then Product name pattern (like Honda Accord, Microsoft Windows) that I didn't realize Princess was not there as company's name -- but part of the ship's name. I will be more careful next time.[/quote] You should NOT be apologizing for something like that. It was an honest mistake. Some of the people on here are....well I'll just say they are rude and say that is the mild version of what I think of them. The important thing is that you are going on a cruise. Have a wonderful time!!!
  8. [quote name='Griller']Not quite sure who you are expecting to steal your stuff but it will not be the cabin steward or other crew member. In over 40 cruises I have never had anything go missing. More than their job is worth and they are carefully vetted and honest as the day is long. However I do not think it good to leave money lying around, or expensive electronics just in case your cabin door is left open momentarily while the cabin is being made up and another passengers seizes the opportunity to rob you while the steward's attention is distracted. You may also forget to properly close and lock the door when you leave so there is another good reason for not leaving valuables in plain view. I always use the safe in the cabin for anything small and valuable. Anything larger I put out of sight in a drawer. [B]And by the way, the ship is called Crown Princess, I would have expected you to know that if you are sailing on her this week.[/B][/quote] YOU would expect? Who do YOU think you are exactly? It's great that you are giving advice and all, but are you serious? Why would you talk to someone you don't know that way? [B][U]I[/U][/B] would expect [U][B]you[/B][/U] to have better manners, and possibly some more courtesy. I guess that is above you though.....:rolleyes:
  9. If it is so pressing why don't you just call? I get that they should respond, but seriously if it is something truly urgent call. It will take you less time than it took you to type up this rant.
  10. I swear I read somewhere (maybe here) that a senior frog's opened in cabo. Does anyone know about this? Thanks in advance for any help!!
  11. There are a ton of threads on this already, and a stapler isn't the only answer. Do a little research and you might find it isn't that big of a deal.
  12. dont know if these are still available, but if so I would love some. unvryan@yahoo.com Thanks!!!
  13. Looks like a blast to me. Some of the people on here truly make me laugh, if you don't like the slide don't ride it. Why would it really matter if there was a slide on your ship? That is just being silly. :rolleyes:
  14. Most of the people on this particular thread have been fair to an extent (but in similar past threads they have not been so unbiased), but if you are really looking for the answer I suggest you post the question on both boards and not just the princess board. This should give you enough info from both perspectives to decide for yourself.
  15. I am sure I am the only one, but I have read and reread this. I don't see the difference other than the one being slightly more specific than the other. No offense, but I think some folks might be reading into this a little too much.
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