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  1. Hmm, group flight kind of fills me with dread. I was hoping to be able to select seats etc in advance and not sure I will be able to now. I think left luggage and then back into Vancouver is a good idea. As a mountain biker a trip to Whistler is tempting though!
  2. Ynox

    St Petersburg

    We did a 2 day tour with Alla. It was a great tour, although we crammed a lot in (a couple of long days). Mini bus was comfortable and provided food was ok-good. Russian immigration asked me on the first day if I was police or military, then admitted me into the country with proof of the tour being booked. Pretty easy. I'd echo the comments about the weather. It was very mixed when we were there (mid May).
  3. Ended up booking yet another trip earlier today (off to Alaska on the Queen Elizabeth in August). However it's looking as if the return flight is likely to be around 9pm or so from Vancouver. Has anyone has experience of disembarking early and then having a late flight? Do Cunard offer tours?
  4. As a Brit, I tend to swerve between leaving nothing, or maybe a buck or 2 depending on how service is and what kind of drinks I've ordered. Has always worked well for me.
  5. I'm booked on this one (I'm 34) as is my wife (who's 32). It'll be our 10th trip on Cunard (since 2015 when we did our first trip for our honeymoon). In general if you think of a good hotel, then you'll not be a million miles away from the atmosphere. It also depends who else is on board, some itineraries end up with a different demographic to others. Overall I'd recommend it though. Formal nights can be fun. Food, drink, service etc is normally good and it's nice to have a good excuse to be incommunicado with the rest of the world! Maybe no pub crawls, but I've been in gin tastings, vodka tastings and martini mixologies that have descended into raucous chaos. Good fun though.
  6. To give a proper answer: I was on the Queen Victoria a couple of weeks ago. Internet speeds are usable for email and browsing. Had some success doing Facetime audio calls also. If you remember it's satellite Internet and you're at sea it'll help. It's kind of expensive unless you have Cunard status and get it free however. Food and service was pretty good this time. No complaints from me on that. Age wise Cunard tends to be a bit of an older demographic. At early / mid 30s my wife and I were some of the youngest on board.
  7. As someone who was also on the most recent Canaries trip, I got the email survey, but no menus (not that I particularly care) nor a voyage summary. Overall I was pretty positive in the survey. You can't really control the weather and overall I enjoyed the trip. As someone who's done a few transatlantic trips, I enjoy sea days!
  8. Yep. The sommelier seemed pretty annoyed. My table was right at the back of Britannia so we had plenty of movement. Excluding weather it was a great trip however. Back on the QV in May for the Norway trip so hopefully the seas will be better then.
  9. Straight to Soton as suspected from looking at the AIS data this morning. We eventually set sail at 0700. Not the end of the world really.
  10. Also on the QV here. Decent trip if a little miserable earlier in the trip. Not looking forward to the return journey if we're looking at nearly 10 metre waves... We are still in Lanzarote. We were supposed to depart at 5 or so. Will be annoyed if we miss Lisbon but it's life (and I've done it a load of times before). Kind of wish I was on the qm2 here...
  11. Maybe my experience has differed to that of others, but I really didn't find the connection that bad on my last TA back in May. It was quick enough to do voice calls via FaceTime and WhatsApp and more than quick enough for email / browsing. Part of the good thing of travelling on a ship is limited internet access for me (I work as a software engineer, I'm pretty much always available these days between Slack, email etc - I find it a great way to switch off). On the subject of no connections in public areas - I quite like being sat at the bar in the Golden Lion catching up on emails / news whilst my wife is at watercolour class!
  12. I'd book a car to take you to Southampton straight from LHR. If the traffic isn't too bad it's only an hour's drive and around £100. Beats a night at a LHR hotel. I live just south of LHR and use Smiths for Airports or South Coast Chauffeurs to get to Southampton. Hotel wise I've stayed in the Grand Harbour Hotel (not to be confused with Soton Harbour hotel). It wasn't great in 2015, so I'm not sure if it's improved since. Soton Harbour Hotel looks awesome if a bit pricey. Premier Inn in West Quay is a good location and clean and comfortable enough, if not particularly luxurious.
  13. I'm a software guy. I'm pretty much fuelled by caffeine!
  14. They have a female captain now - Captain Inger Olsen. She was on the QE last year for my trip up to St Petersburg.
  15. I've done a couple of summer TAs in obstructed cabins. They're a fairly decent option depending on the price personally. Deck 8 is also very convenient.
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