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  1. When we were there, the water right next to the ship was that Caribbean Blue that we all love!
  2. That is a long way off, but you know what you want and you have plenty of time to pay for it and look forward to it!
  3. That is amazing. I would love to go on this ship, just as I would any other, but it does stir my inner cruise junkie.
  4. When I had a Lava flow, It was made with a Rasberry Frozen Daquiri instead of a Strawberry. That was on Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas.
  5. Very good ideas! I save all the little sample size of perfumes and lotions I get with my big bottles at the holidays every year, so I don't take the larger bottles that could break.
  6. Glad it went so well! I did the same for my DH last year for his 40th. I had a ;ot of support from other CC members, but I also got some of those people who have nothing nice to say. Our cruise went perfect and he had no idea until we arrived at the port. I lvoe suprises!
  7. We have an interior room on the Lido deck just inside the doors. Is it a great location as we thought? Also interested in the spa package for the week. Let us know! Thanks!
  8. My friend fell on another cruiseline last summer, and as a result of her injuries, lost her leg a few weeks ago. They refused to give her the medical records when they asked for them before leaving the ship in home port. I think it is standard practice for them not to give copies, just in case they could be held liable for anything listed in there. They also did not reverse the charges on her bill. Go figure! Anyway, it has been a long road so far for her. Hope your friend is OK.
  9. 4228 was our favorite on the Pride. We saw the others (Cat 11)on the sides of the ship and prefer the layout of the wrap cabins. We loved the dressing area, huge closet, 2 TVs and the view in the mornings! That balcony was the biggest reason we booked the room. It was worth the extra money, and our friends were out there with us every day. What a beautiful view, and being that close to the water, we could see a lot. I cant wait for Pride to come to Baltimore.
  10. As of January 4th, 2008, no more Gala Buffet. Too much food wasted.
  11. I am so excited, I fly out at 6AM to Peurto Rico! I can not wait to see this ship! just wanted to share my excitement with people who would understand! I will write a review when I return. To those who are sailing the week after me, I will try to leave the ship in the same shape I found her!:)
  12. Anyone been on a cruise lately that knows the prices of the wireless plans and minutes packages for use on board? Should be in the daily newsletters. I leave Sunday and would like to know before I go what the best packages are.
  13. I sail on Sunday and I can't wait! Thanks for your suggestions!
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