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  1. Still enjoying the review! Thanks for keeping with it. The guac looks delish. I can’t wait to gorge myself on it... just a few more days!
  2. Mine has gradually gotten much more accurate compared to recent compasses. Our sailing is this Sunday. Give it time, they will keep manipulating it. But for now recent compasses are the best way to plan your sailing in advance!
  3. Cowch! Bahahahahahaha. That’s amazing! Loving the review so far. Keep on eating, and sharing!
  4. Thanks for posting! Looks like we are sailing with you next week too?
  5. This is a friend of mine who cruised MSC with 3 young kids. She certainly didn’t sell me on the line: http://www.dutchdutchgoose.com/2018/03/02/msc_orchestra_kids/
  6. Also don’t forget they can go during the dinner “closed” times - it’s called Adventure dining and it’s handy if you wanted to go to a specialty restaurant during those closed times without kids. During port days they are open all day and will take them to lunch if they are checked in during those hours. Don’t forget to register when you board, it makes check in on the first night easier if you’re not registering then. Happy sailing!
  7. I have the cheesiest grin on my face by the time I’m done reading your newest installments. Such fun to virtually cruise along with your family! How was the food at the character breakfast? I’ve been on the fence on if it’s worth the extra cost based on mediocre past reviews.
  8. I’m sailing on Allure in a week. The compass started out VERY limited but it’s started to fill in over the last few weeks. Most days said “More Cruise Details Coming Soon” and now only one day does. It now shows specific movies and excursions too, for example. Keep an eye out as your sail date draws near!
  9. Thanks for the review! Appreciate the menu pics as we are sailing on her in 12 days.
  10. Such fun so far, thanks for sharing! I love the jet ski text! Glad to hear the app is working!
  11. Oooh, stressful start to your travels. Glad you made it ok! What hotel are you staying at? Hilton Marina?
  12. Ooooh! Thanks for live blogging, following along as we are also boarding Allure in two weeks. I would also love any MDR menus you can post, plus kids compasses, and any intel on the headliner act - if you get the chance :) Thanks for taking us along on your fall break! Here’s to smooth seas for you!
  13. Whelp, add the Schooner bar to my list for drinks because that sounds amazing!
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