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  1. Somewhat related story: I work for a very large 100,000+ person company and there are rules for everything, including who is allowed to have a window in their cube or office. You have to have a certain level of seniority in employee rank to get one. There was one location that had a lot of cubicles with windows, and not enough employees who were senior enough in rank to be 'allowed' to have one. So what they did, to be 'fair', was put those employees in the window cubicles and then covered the windows so that they didn't let any light in and you couldn't see out, effectively 'removing' the window! Now don't tell Royal about that....
  2. I'm on that sailing too! I'm honestly a little worried that it'll be delayed and we'll lose a cruise day or two, or worse! But I suppose worse case I stay in Miami a few days, visit friends there, visit family for Thanksgiving, and get some cruise credits and refund from Royal. I'm really hoping the cruise leaves on time with no half-finished items detracting from the experience, though!
  3. That's not a full refund. That's half a refund, and you want the other half you can't have it now you can only have it later if you go on another cruise somewhere else. People who don't plan to go on another cruise before the 50% credit expires only get half refund for a canceled cruise. Given what RCI and Carnival are offering I wouldn't be surprised if NCL ended up giving full refunds in the end. I have to imagine people won't be happy. Edited to add: I may have misunderstood. Those cruising through September still get to go on a cruise, just somewhere else, with a 50% refund and 50% credit to future cruise? That's not a bad deal if so.
  4. It seems strange that they can cancel a cruise and not give a refund. Imagine if you booked a flight to France and the airline told you sorry, they were canceling your flight, but no you can't get your money back, here's half and to get the other half you have to fly with us again, but not to France.
  5. I'm On Epic on a 15 day transatlantic cruise. I found the bed exceedingly uncomfortable, like sleeping on a rock. The next day I asked for a mattress topper and it made all the difference in the world, bed is great now. Whew. The beds do strike me as bizarre on the Epic. I swear they are notably shorter than average. I'm short so it's fine for me but I don't understand how anyone over six feet can stand them.
  6. When it's not the $20 laundry bag special day, is the only option paying per individual piece? And if so is the Latitude Gold 50 percent off perk just applying to the per piece total of a single bag?
  7. I never realized that the last cruise before the dry dock might be affected. I'm not on this cruise, I'm on the TA out of Orlando on the Epic. But for Thanksgiving I'm on a RCI cruise right after its dry dock. I realized that when I booked and assume there's a fair chance the cruise will be affected. Still seems weird that going into dry dock would be affected, and at the last minute. I wonder if there are any refugees from the canceled Royal Caribbean TA where the crane hit the ship. That would suck, you would start to feel like you're cruise cursed!
  8. I also had a 'first day free for lunch' deal as a Haven guest. I think I might've been on the Getaway, but I forget specifically. I've never been to a Margaritaville on land but I wasn't impressed. Their Cheeseburger in Paradise was, I thought, merely okay. The pretzel sticks were, well, pretzel sticks. The most impressive item was the key lime pie, which I admit was pretty good. The service was atrocious, it took forever to get anything like a straw for my soda or the pie for dessert, it was just hard to get anyone's attention. Or find anyone. I definitely wouldn't pay $14.95 for it. I don't think I'd even go again if it was offered free. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad just not good, and heck I was on a cruise so I was all easy-going, but it really did not interest me.
  9. I'm pretty sure I've done remote desktop in the last year or two on an NCL ship, but in the Caribbean, not on a TA. And with the premium unlimited internet plan in early morning. Not NCL but I have for sure done it on Royal Caribbean and their streaming voom with pretty good results.
  10. The earth can't be flat, or cats would have knocked everything off it by now.
  11. Well, uh, I guess eventually, the earth is round and all... 🙂
  12. Glad to hear from the British couple interviewed on how excellent the staff has been. That is surely a huge help. The two 'abandon ship' disasters I've heard about, the Costa Concordia and then one in the 60s in the Caribbean where the ship caught fire, had captains that abandoned ship and left the passengers to fend for themselves. I believe in both cases -- certainly in Costa Concordia -- it led to prison sentences for the captain. And then the staff was left leaderless and ineffective in both cases. And it was kind of frightening, making me assume that if there is ever a disaster at sea it'll be every man (or woman or child) for themselves.
  13. I booked a guarantee minisuite and ended up with one with a bathtub, for which I have a few questions. 1. Is there still a nice shower head in there? I love really nice showers with good pressure for relaxing. 2. What size bathtub is this? It sounds like the sides are higher than what you would find in a hotel room, but otherwise is it the same size as a regular hotel type bathtub? Are the sides ridiculously high for someone with average mobility?
  14. See, in the old days, when people didn't book all the balconies, say, they would upgrade some of their loyal cruisers for free, moving them from their booked inside cabin into a balcony as a happy little bonus for them cruising with NCL. Then someone realized hey, we can get people to give us more money to upgrade to those rooms! If it's going to go empty, the cost of servicing a balcony versus an inside is negligible. So they see if they can suck a couple hundred bucks out of someone to upgrade now, typically waiting until a week or less before the cruise to announce upgrade winners to give maximum time for some new customer to book the room.
  15. I had the soda package and got charged for a non-can fountain soda at the Atrium Bar, which is how I know it's $4.14 with the gratuities. The weird thing is I didn't sign anything, I guess they just billed the card. Actually, I think I was in O'Sheehan's and it just got rang up at the Atrium Bar, now that I think about it. I was going to ask them to take it off but the line at Guest Services was long, this happened the last day of the cruise and I didn't notice until the next morning when reviewing my bill, so I decided to just eat the price.
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