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  1. And at night! I wonder if the raft signaled or had something to make it more visible. Someone who saw it thought there were about 5 people on board, but that's all I've heard. Anyone know what happens if it's refugees? Do they get returned to their country? Does it depend on if it's in international waters versus some country's waters? Does the country the ship is registered under matter? I think NCL ships are registered in the Bahamas but I'm not sure.
  2. This was Sunday night, September 2nd, just before midnight. Someone with keen eyes noticed a raft drifting and the ship went back, found the raft, and rescued whoever was on board. Not sure how many or nationalities. Attached some pics that someone else took and posted, not mine, I was asleep.
  3. Sounds like I can skip the lines at the Internet desk, whoop! NCL Internet has been pretty slow. I was spoiled on Royal Caribbean with their Voom at Sea offering. When I had that, I was able to VPN into work and get stuff done reasonably well. (4 hours of unplanned work on the cruise, but the company picked up my wifi package for the week in addition to me billing my time!)
  4. So when you do the upgrade on your phone, is it obvious that you're getting the $125 credit and not paying full price? I'd hate to try to upgrade and end up paying full price and then have them say, "Sorry, can't fix!"
  5. I have searched around here and it seems to be fairly consistent that you can take the 250-minute Internet that you can take as a perk when you book your cruise and upgrade it to an unlimited plan on the ship, by paying the difference in what the 250-minute plan is worth and what the unlimited plan costs. What I can't tell is if this has to be done at the Internet desk. I remember reading one account from 2018 when someone said they were able to upgrade it when they logged into their account for the first time, but I may be hallucinating that. Does anyone know what the deal is? Do I have to go to the Internet desk to make the change (and pay the difference with my OBC), or can I do it online when I log in the first time? I just don't want to wait in line if I don't have to. This is for the Getaway, if it matters.
  6. rabidstoat

    New and current weight watchers

    Anyone in WW been in a Haven suite on NCL? I'll be in one next month (one time splurge!) and trying to figure out what to ask the butler to bring and not bring for snacks. I'm going to tell him no candy, cookies, or desserts unless it's fruit. I love fruit, but I'm not sure if there are other things they could bring that aren't processed sugar.
  7. rabidstoat

    New and current weight watchers

    I've got a bigger goal than you: I'm down 60 pounds, but have another 150 pounds to go. Been at it about five months. I'm in my mid-40s, also female, and I go on 2-3 cruises a year. Last cruise I actually lost weight. Part of that was made easier by the fact that being heavier than most I can eat more and still lose weight. Getting a lot more walking and swimming in than normal helped, as did the fact that I don't drink much alcohol, which I know can be a challenge for a lot of people on cruises. My general goal was 'one treat per day', though sometimes (like the day I did a culinary walking tour) that was stretched a bit. But like, I might have dessert at dinner. Or I might have something like a burger for lunch. Or I might have a frozen daiquiri in the afternoon. But I wouldn't do all three in one day. I found breakfast the easiest meal, as I could do an omelet and fruit. I also did a lot of fruit for dessert, both lunch and dinner. Skipping bread helped because man, if I get started! I'd mix and match things, like go get a chicken breast from the grill area at lunch and then some salad and make a grilled chicken salad out of it. I'm off again for a week in another 23 days!
  8. rabidstoat

    New and current weight watchers

    Fruit is very, very easy to find (though for some reason, my last cruise had a lack of bananas, which is atypical). I was on NCL Epic earlier this month and had fruit a lot: pineapple slices, watermelon slices, and kiwi fruit were my go-to choices. They also had a light fruit cocktail, and oranges and I think apples (but as mentioned, NO bananas). I've been on Royal Caribbean and Carnival and they were similar. The fruit will be on the buffet for all meals and snacks, and there are fruit plates you can get for dessert if you want. NCL Epic was pretty easy to eat healthy on. They also seemed to have some sort of fruit-based dessert every night, which would be a more 'exotic' type of fruit (like mango and papaya, say) is a light sauce, like a balsamic vinegarette. I had that one night as well and it was good. I also had 'regular' desserts and they were tasty, the only thing I didn't like was the sugar-free pumpkin pie, and I normally love pumpkin and don't mind sugar-free stuff. Another quick lunch for me was grabbing some grilled chicken breast from the outdoor grill area, and then making up a salad and using some fat-free dressing (they had Kraft brands in bottles, along with other choices) on it. Fitnesses classes, I'm not sure as I never went. I did chat with someone who said they really enjoyed the morning spinning classes, which come at an extra cost. The pools, however, aren't really geared toward swimming laps, they're small-ish and pretty crowded as a general rule. I've used the fitness centers on various lines and various cruises and it's typically some standard cardio machines (bikes, treadmills, maybe a few other machines) and some basic weight machines and hand weights. Every ship I've been has big picture windows so you can look out over the ocean while exercising.
  9. Surely they aren't planning on keeping it so that you have to re-enter the reservation number for the cruise planner. That would be incredibly stupid design, but at it's been a week I am starting to wonder...
  10. As an official fruitaholic that large list of fruit pleases me! I was on a NCL cruise earlier this month and it had a lot of fruit but, strangely enough, no bananas. Apparently they were all up in the suites area of the boat, but they never made it down to the regular buffet line, not for breakfast, not for anything. I even tried ordering one (twice!) with my room service breakfast with no luck. It was quite strange.
  11. rabidstoat

    Thomas Cook Flight - Economy seats!

    I realize this is very old and you might well have already gone and returned, but the seatguru website is good for scouting out information about seat widths and pitch. You can google for the site, or if direct links are allowed here is their page for Thomas Cook flights: https://seatguru.com/airlines/Thomas_Cook_Airlines/information.php
  12. rabidstoat

    New and current weight watchers

    Oh, hey, didn't know this board existed! I'm in my mid-40s with a LOT of weight to lose, aiming for about 200 pounds total loss. I started just before Thanksgiving and am about 50 pounds down, though I just lost a bunch of that in the past couple of weeks so I'll probably be the same weight (or even slightly higher) for a few more weeks as I stabilize. Just how my weight loss works. I have 3-4 cruises a year planned, so one of the things I'm trying to work on is not completely derailing healthy eating during cruises to the point that I revert to eating fast food and sugary treats all the time on return. It's a balance act, as I also don't want to live on grilled chicken breasts and steamed vegetables the entire cruise! My cruise this month went really well as I tried to work on a 'one treat per day' philosophy (where a 'treat' would be a dessert, or a dessert-like alcoholic beverage, or a 'burger and fries' lunch). Next cruise is coming up in mid-May! One day, I too hope to be under zip line weight limits. Probably won't be until next year under the best of circumstances.
  13. What type of fruits am I likely to find at the Oasis of the Seas buffet for breakfast and lunch? Is it just whole fruits like apple, orange, banana? Or are there pineapple or watermelon slices, or citrus fruit slices, or kiwi fruit?
  14. rabidstoat

    Is the free at sea really a good deal???

    I just booked a Haven and turned down the UBP because I only drink soda. It is cheaper to decline the UBP and pay for the soda package out of pocket, as soda + gratuities is cheaper than the gratuities alone on the UBP.
  15. Oh dear! I gender-assumed a peacock. :( So noted, hee.