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  1. I wonder how long it will take NCLH to revise ports or terminals for the cruises with Venice on their itineraries? Courtesy of VTG, here are the first ships next year with Venice stops: Regent Explorer-April 10 Oceania Marina- March 19 Norwegian Star-April 3 Air arrangements will become an issue in another 30-60 days.
  2. Can i assume that if I buy no package until after boarding, I can purchase the prestige and get the Reserve discount?
  3. On the one hand, I don't understand why the lawsuit was not instigated several months ago so the issue might be settled or much closer to that point than is now present. The other point to consider is that the public has no knowledge of what back channel/back door discussions are taking place so all parties can save face and NCLH sails from Florida. Unless its unlike every similar dispute I have been involved in, discussions are taking place.
  4. I believe all Regent ships will be banned as they are over 25k gross tons. Same for all Oceania's ships.
  5. Do you have your main DR's on cruise lines confused? Regent uses Compass Rose- not O.
  6. GOARMY: Big brain hic-up. I meant Mariner, but was thinking about a Splendor TA cruise booked for Nov '22. I am doing the other pre-cruise offered: Tokyo & Hakone. DWTLION
  7. Thanks GOARMY. Am I correct that I will be able to meet you on Splendor's Tokyo-SF cruise? Dwtlion
  8. A little off topic but since 2 posters have raised it, I'll ask: tell me more about the block parties. Every cruise? By deck, half deck or? Food & drinks? Assume early in the cruise? Thanks in advance for your information.
  9. I do not believe you loose your concierge level hotel night if you book your own air. Am I wrong? Transfer from airport to RSSC hotel on day before departure, maybe. But can't you purchase this?
  10. How is this different than paying well in advance for shore excursions? I just paid for April shore excursions on a Splendor '22 cruise.
  11. Read your response 10 minutes ago and I'm still laughing.
  12. I would hope that's not the case- especially a WC.
  13. I need help as I can't seem to get an answer out of the folks that handle shareholder OBC's. My question is the amount of credit for Riviera's grand voyage Monte Carlo to Miami. This cruise is also marketed at 2 separate voyages: Monte Carlo-Rome (10 nights) and Rome-Miami (16 nights). Seems to me my credit should be based on the 2 cruises or $100+$250=$350. Or is my OBC based on one cruise over 15 nights or $250? A $100 difference. The first option seems much fairer; and eliminates gaming the booking process. I realize there is a small discount for a B2B; and a similar one for booking a gra
  14. Where you are cruising can make big difference due to number and location of satellites. The further north or south of the equator you are; fjords and other natural objects can impact the satellite internet reception.
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