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  1. We were on the Grand cruise that ended before the fateful, Cruise stuck cruising out to sea, & docked in Oakland & then to Travis & parts unknown...... we felt like we dodged a bullet. All the people staying onboard that we were envious of? Now we were feeling sorry for them. Being home and watching the ship we had just gotten off, going thru what they did on the news. We had an inside cabin at that time, and learned from hearing from many stuck onboard....and watching on the news..... we WON'T be booking an inside ever again. Once bit, twi
  2. Ditto what Coffeeluvr said. Vaccine requirement mandatory, or thats a deal breaker! NCL already said they Will be requiring vaccines. I see a beeline away from Princess if they don't follow suit.
  3. Terrific! Happy for you. I on the other hand got an email back from someone in Australia Cust Serv who booked the Wrong thing for me & I've spent the past couple days attempting to Correct it. After 90 mins in Hold cue yesterday, the Cust Serv person who was obviously in over his head, hung up. So now I am putting my request in writing Again. Trying to find a Higher up email addy than regular casinoinquiry@princesscruises.com I have been searching online, and haven't found it yet, if anyone knows? Thank you
  4. Thanks, I added it to the rotation. I've already had 4 emails Returned from a different princess customer service email. Thinking we won't hear from Casino until tomorrow or later. They will be "busy On the Phone" til this promotion ends. 😏
  5. What is best email for Casino comp offers??
  6. Can I ask what email addy you used to contact Princess casino?
  7. Our upcoming few will be out of Calif. We can drive to port or quick flight. Nothing too far away from our home port, til maybe later next year.
  8. Oh its not the Land portion I'm concerned about. Its the 5 days each way in the ocean that may be storming.
  9. I had knee surg couple years ago and never really pushed it. It was tolerable. Can remember my first cruise shortly after surg & having to use the elevator for only One floor. I know I got a few looks, since I look in shape, but it still hurt Alot. Stairs were out of the question. Fast forward to pandemic. After learning what damage covid can do to your heart & lungs? I thought, I don't want to be screwed if I catch it! So began walking, which turned into jogging in my house. I can easily go 3 miles now nonstop, and my knees (knock on wood) are
  10. I have a few booked later this year that still say Currently not available. Assumed it meant just a matter of time til their cancelled.
  11. Thanks for info. Just looking at the Hours ship is in Port, 7am -11pm on island days..... pretty certain casino will remain closed. Thats fine. Weather, talking with friends who live there... March is their WET & windy month. Of course it could be different next year? They've already had a couple weeks of flooding, I tell ya, makes me wish we could book April instead.
  12. Not worried about playing on sea days, but I am wondering how the casino situation works once were in the islands? Is casino closed for Hawaii days? ( not that I would care) Just wondering how it works.
  13. We are booking same, March 2022 outta LA. My first time doing the Long trek for hawaii. Will be Vip casino comp, and too good to pass up. I was also wondering about the seas.... 5 days each way will be the Longest weve ever done. Figure we will either Luv it, or one & done.
  14. Can't hurt to ask. All my NCL cruises have been casino comps. I'm Platinum. I recently was contacted about a comp INSIDE cabin. I tried to get Balcony instead? (this is what I get from Princess) After emails back & forth, was told no. So I said thanks, but No thanks. Good luck to you, maybe they will go a couple more days? Give it a try.
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