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  1. I also have a new VIP offer in my personalizer, that was Earned 4/28/21. I did NOT get an email about this, so Don't have a way to see what the VIP offer is? My Freeplay went up, but that does me no good if have nowhere to book...😏 Book by June 23. Also says Sail By 11/7/22 I already have too many bookings in 2022. Why aren't new offers booking into 2023 by now? 😔
  2. Thanks so much for figuring that out for us! Mom was thrilled when I gave her the Cruise news on Mothers day, yesterday😀 Since you were so nice to figure out that the Fwd minisuites have the 2 seater pullout....😮 I am going to call Princess asap & MOVE us to a minisuite on the SIDE with the 3 seater! 😬 (Cuz that will probably be Mine, and I know darn well that will be alittle more comfortable than the typical "Bar in your Back" pullout!) Thanks!
  3. Thanks for trying skynight.... but I'm still Not sure which bed configuration it is. Was hoping to find out by Mothers day tomorrow. Its a gift for Mom.
  4. For anyone flying Southwest? I fly into Long Beach airport instead of LAX. Plus its a much quicker ride on taxi or Uber to the pier. And easier walk IMO. Smaller airport. Like it alot.
  5. I feel for your neice. But research continues... I know for a fact. Long story short, I had to do Alot of investigating to find out IF I could take Any of the vaccines? Due to my allergies & I cannot take Flu shots either.... was told.... probably the best vax for my situation would be Pfizer. So I went on a mission to get pfizer only. Making appts and having to cancel a couple places due to giving a different vaccine. Finally, after having both Pfizer shots, I can tell you I had NO reactions whatsoever. Other friends and family are doing fine al
  6. I have one son that is Not a big traveler either. He enjoys it, when we go. But does he get involved with making travel arrangements? No. Not his thing. Spouse doesn't either. So I can't dis your son for not wanting to get involved in travel bookings. Hes probably busy with work & just arent' interested in doing prep. Hasn't stopped us from enjoying the kids when we go on trips. Some are into planning and others aren't. My other son plans Too much & annoyingly so..... lol Happy mediums? 😆
  7. Skynight, I saw your photo and HOPED our third bed would be like that. More of a twin mattress & doesn't block balcony door. Vickie is saying its the foldout sofa bed with bar in your back, in their Suite. So I'm wondering which is it, in the Minisuite? thanks
  8. I use a CPA and only file in MY state. If you Didn't receive W2G's (handpay for $1,200+ jackpot) for your winnings, Why would you need to file in each state? I give all my W2G's to the taxman, and figure out my Wins to Losses by getting win/loss statements from all the casinos or Cruise line, where I have received a w2g. If your winnings are small? Personally, I wouldn't bother. If they are substantial? I wouldn't use Turbo..... I would make appt. with taxman/cpa. You can get alot more help paying $400 to a professional to help you. YMMV
  9. If anyone has sailed on Majestic in Minisuite & used the Sofabed for a Third person. Can you tell me what the bed was like? Long & narrow like Twin? The kind that Doesn't interfere with walking by to go out to the Balcony. Or, it folds out like a double with the infamous Bar in the middle of your back? And stops the walkthru to balcony. Thank you
  10. In Calif. its over $4 a gallon for Unleaded gas. Yesterday I paid $4.19 per gallon to fill up!😲
  11. My son was on a cruise during MM and he said some games were on the big screen on pool deck. I have a pic of him sitting there watching it.
  12. Yeah I understand that. But op sounded like spouse might change his mind at the last minute. So if that happens? I was mentioning a couple Options we've done in the past with Last Minute changes. 😉
  13. Thanks for the discussion, I was wondering about that too. Also, anyone know if EZAir work with you if you have Credits from cancelled flights, to use on New EZair bookings? We have a some credits from diff airlines....curious how that might work.
  14. Many of those seniors were probably frolicking like spring breakers after getting vax.😐 We are fully vaccinated too, & Not spring chickens. We still mask everywhere & doing same as what weve been doing to stay protected & protect others. Get vaccinated, but gotta keep your common sense. This thing isn't under control. Be safe out there.
  15. Followup, between emails & calling at 8am, finally got it corrected. And worked out changing cabin positions on a few other cruises. Some days I feel like a fulltime travel agent. 🤪 I am Not. Awaiting our current Meditt cruise in Sept 2021, to be cancelled? If not by Princess, then we will. Just don't feel time is right for this year. We have already booked another for Next year, Sept 2022.😊
  16. Have a friend or family member on standby. Then you just call princess & have Name Changed. Weve done this a couple times, and went fine. We also had an Aniv trip planned that spouse had to cancel last min. I ended up getting the cabin to myself, while we had family in other cabins. I was the lucky one with a cabin to myself. lol
  17. We were on the Grand cruise that ended before the fateful, Cruise stuck cruising out to sea, & docked in Oakland & then to Travis & parts unknown...... we felt like we dodged a bullet. All the people staying onboard that we were envious of? Now we were feeling sorry for them. Being home and watching the ship we had just gotten off, going thru what they did on the news. We had an inside cabin at that time, and learned from hearing from many stuck onboard....and watching on the news..... we WON'T be booking an inside ever again. Once bit, twi
  18. Ditto what Coffeeluvr said. Vaccine requirement mandatory, or thats a deal breaker! NCL already said they Will be requiring vaccines. I see a beeline away from Princess if they don't follow suit.
  19. Terrific! Happy for you. I on the other hand got an email back from someone in Australia Cust Serv who booked the Wrong thing for me & I've spent the past couple days attempting to Correct it. After 90 mins in Hold cue yesterday, the Cust Serv person who was obviously in over his head, hung up. So now I am putting my request in writing Again. Trying to find a Higher up email addy than regular casinoinquiry@princesscruises.com I have been searching online, and haven't found it yet, if anyone knows? Thank you
  20. Thanks, I added it to the rotation. I've already had 4 emails Returned from a different princess customer service email. Thinking we won't hear from Casino until tomorrow or later. They will be "busy On the Phone" til this promotion ends. 😏
  21. What is best email for Casino comp offers??
  22. Can I ask what email addy you used to contact Princess casino?
  23. Our upcoming few will be out of Calif. We can drive to port or quick flight. Nothing too far away from our home port, til maybe later next year.
  24. Oh its not the Land portion I'm concerned about. Its the 5 days each way in the ocean that may be storming.
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