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  1. My brother and his family are also sailing in September. As long as covid outbreaks on the cruises are contained, I think you should be ok. Have there been any reports of covid cases on cruises since Carnival started back up?
  2. This is good information. Do you happen to know what measures Carnival is taking to ensure authenticity of the vax card?
  3. I didn't know that. Thank you for sharing. Still seems like quite the hassle and not very relaxing. I am anxious to read the reviews of those coming back from this cruise.
  4. Ah, that makes sense. Thank you. My dreams of getting back to Europe for travel any time soon are, well...just that...dreams.
  5. What are these and to which airline(s) does this apply? TIA
  6. I guess I miss understood your post. When you said people didn't read beyond the no vaccine requirement, I thought that meant there was something in the fine print that they weren't seeing.
  7. Read the whole thing...what did I miss regarding the vaccine? They are not requiring it but they anticipate that most passengers will have it.
  8. I'm so glad you said this! It's a sad commentary on our society when we automatically start assuming the worst about people. My daughter's vax card was hand written, my SIL's card has a printed sticker. The CDC has certainly not done us any favors by failing to standardize how these cards are filled out by the person administering the injection. In fact, my daughter told me at her office, when they run out of cards, they make paper copies of them on the copy machine! At this point we have no reason to believe or suspect that the passengers (bless them), falsified their vax status.
  9. So all lines are presumably enforcing masking and social distancing. We have lines requiring the vax and others (at least one) not requiring the vax.. with only one change in variable (that we know of), both have similar results.... Interesting.
  10. Sadly, as much as I want to get back on the ocean, I'm not willing to go back to masking and social distancing in order to do it. We've been back to "normal" for a while now and I just can't fathom going backwards.
  11. Just curious as to what difference this would make?
  12. Interesting. Thank you. What a nightmare!
  13. Yes, I see this coming as well. The problem that hasn't been addressed is what happens to those passengers that test positive even though they are vaccinated? I wonder...will they be allowed back into the US?
  14. I just zoomed in on your pic. Love it!!
  15. Most definitely. I expect lots of changes will be made and it will be hard to keep all the new information straight.
  16. Thank you. I wasn't aware...or should say, haven't really been following that closely since cruises weren't happening in our neck of the woods.
  17. Wow! So everyone on board has to get a test prior to coming home? Sounds very cumbersome. I guess these cruises are going to provide opportunity to iron out many kinks.
  18. You posted a textbook definition of a virus. And I said the mRNA vaccine is not a vaccine in the true sense. That is not misinformation. Different information is not misinformation. It's why nobody should take anything they read in a discussion forum at face value. It's best for one to do their own research.
  19. Yes, this is exactly what she has explained to me. It's the rationale for trying to keep vaxxed people separate from unvaxxed.
  20. I was answering a question from a fellow poster to the best of my knowledge. Not here to argue or change minds. I'm here because I love cruising and want this to work.
  21. That's correct. But the US is requiring a negative test for those entering the country. Has this requirement been waived for cruise ship passengers?
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