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  1. Excellent review!!! We cruised the Koningsdam in early January and most of what you say is the exact same for the sister ship. We enjoyed the modern art and spent time looking around at it on multiple occasions. I am the oddball that likes the BBC World productions and the live musicians that come with it! On our sailing (Southern Caribbean) a I overheard a number of people say they didn't enjoy it! I loved it in Alaska too! The Club HAL wasn't amazing (it was on our previous HAL sailings) but that was minor. My teen hung with kids from that club and they tended to me
  2. Hi, I am wondering is the "Linus" blanket you are referring to for Project Linus or does it have a different meaning? I enjoy reading your updates as my in-laws are considering the Grand World but haven't taken the jump to do it yet!! Happy cruising!!!
  3. I would print the documents and then take a sharpie marker to add the room number when you are assigned it. If you go to luggage drop off and still don't have it as sometimes they do assign at check in then I would make sure the bags are clearly marked with your name. One other thing, have you logged onto your online account to make sure it hasn't popped up? I would do that everyday (who am I kidding, it would likely be several times a day!) until the day I sail. When have done guarantee category a few times but have always know a week or so in advance. Have a great sailing
  4. The 14 yo's go in another part of Club HAL and they tend to plan age appropriate activities. Sometimes they plan to go to a movie, play a game, hit the sports court, go have a snack or just hang out. Going on the first few nights is a great way to meet kids and make friends! Sometimes they do videos games, others they just sit on the couch things and chill. They also sometimes make plans to meet at the pool and again hang out.
  5. 18 night Panama Canal crossing on the Amsterdam over Christmas 2015 - aprox 120 kids 0-18 10 night Caribbean Dec 27, 2016 - aprox 250-300 kids (if my memory serves me right) 10 night January 2020 - estimated 220 kids booked as of earlier this week number may fluctuate - some agents will give a ballpark and some will not. I got a great agent this week who was happy to give a ballpark, however many months out the figure would not be anywhere near accurate. Our non HAL cruises over Christmas have had a million more kids. 😉 I agree with the above poster - if it is a 7
  6. Absolutely!! Club HAL also had a performance talent show afternoon where the kids could get up and sing a song - they had group and individual entries! This was on an 18 night and it was about an hour long performance because their were so many performers! When my 7 yo daughter was chatting with a violinist she said she was learning and the violin and the performer was so excited about the fact she was learning twinkle twinkle. Just the little things and little extra attention they give to kids makes them feel very special!! This summer, in Alaska, they had a magician Nathan Ph
  7. Thank you to the OP for mentioning this. We travel multi-generation and my four kids LOVE Club HAL. We have a cruise booked for the holiday season and thankfully will not be impacted by this change. That said, there are expecting approximately 200 kids on our sailing which is perfect as kids have a chance to get to know each other and play!! However, if the clubs go, I will be reconsidering my options which is sad because HAL has the slightly longer cruises which are attractive to us. My kids tend to drop in for part of the morning or afternoon session and again in the evening.
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