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  1. I feel sorry for my PVP, she was really needing her vacation on Magic in December! They’re only allowed to take vacations at certain time of the year. Anyone who works as a planner for Carnival who wasn’t laid off has had their hands full lately. So basically we all aren’t the only ones disappointed.
  2. Lucky you! Of the 4 I have booked, they are either the same or slightly more!
  3. We have a back to back November 2nd, so would be in guinea pig cruising group! I have no problem at all with it, and sure hope it happens! if it gets cancelled, it will be my 4th one for this year to be cancelled by Carnival. I just keep on rebooking in good faith!
  4. Well, I for one would feel the same way if I called my PVP who I’ve been with many years and she was gone!
  5. Guess eventually they will tell us which ones are the newest addition to the for sale or scrap.
  6. I was merely wondering if any of them even had been on a cruise ship to be qualified to make decisions as to whether or not they are safe to sail. As a comparison, I wouldn’t want someone who has NEVER performed surgery to operate on me! If none of them have never cruised, how do they even know what goes on. Most of the comments I have seen that they’ve made don’t sound like any of them have ever been on a cruise ship. And NO, viruses don’t know whether they are on land or sea. Still don’t understand how Disney and Universal can open, just my opinion.
  7. Would be interesting to know if anyone on the CDC board or whatever group they use to make decisions on whether cruise ships sail or not has ever been on a cruise!
  8. Will be a good one to listen in to. Maybe someone from CDC should be on a panel.
  9. Just goes to show no matter what age you are (I’m 73, no health problems to speak of so far, had cancer twice when I was younger) by not wearing masks you just can’t fix stupid!
  10. We were in 6399 on Radiance January 16 cruise. Got my new room today, was 6284 which is directly by Atrium, no way would I stay there, my friends who are all linked to me were scattered all over deck 6. Texted our pvp and she got us rooms together and much better location!
  11. The average age where I live for positives is 35. Early on in March, the average age was around 65, so just shows who practices social distancing and wearing masks!
  12. Consider yourself lucky your cruise price is dropping! I have 4 booked and the prices have only been going up on mine! I call my pvp if the drop is $10 or more. She never seems to mind, that’s her job. I’m sure they would rather have you call about a price drop than a cancellation!
  13. I love the Liberty atrium as well, very pretty. It was awesome at Christmas time. My favorite will always be the Fantasy, the first time I ever walked onto a ship! I was hooked forever. Still get some of that feeling after 35 cruises, but not the same as the first time.
  14. For some reason, I seem to recall looking for an October cruise just before all the virus pandemic got started good, and most of October was grayed out.
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