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  1. Thanks for the info on the chair in the room! In your picture of your new bed configuration, I can see a ladder back chair. Is that the one? Thanks so much, sounds like you are well on your way to a great trip. Be sure to be on deck when you go under the Dames Point Bridge, the ship barely fits under it. It won't be but a few minutes after you sail.
  2. We did a partial transit of the canal two years ago, it is truly a marvel to see! Out of 28 cruises, definitely my favorite! We were on Miracle, had a balcony room on Deck 4, great view! Enjoyed seeing all the crew on deck 3 enjoying it and taking pictures same as us.
  3. I can only tell you the cost of a couple drinks I paid for on my November cruise on Liberty. I had a Bacardi rum and Diet Coke, it was $7.75 ( drinks include a 15% gratuity). Sometimes have a pina colada, runs about $9.50, same for Kiss on the Lips. My husband had 1 Bloody Mary and it was $12.50! Anyway, hope this helps in your calculations. These prices are in US dollars.
  4. Sounds like you girls are going to have a great time! I'm following because I'm curious about the room layout of Ecstacy (ocean view and balcony). We sailed on Elation when she was in Jacksonville, right after the new balcony rooms were added. We've been on many cruises and this was hands down the worst room we ever had. We were with two other couples and all had balcony rooms. We are all a bit older. These rooms do not even have a chair to sit in, only the stool under the desk and the bed to sit on! The room description says there's a chair and when we asked the steward about it, he didn't seem to know what we were talking about! We ended up bringing a chair from the balcony inside so DH at least had someplace to sit. Would like to try Ecstacy since it's a little closer to home than Port Canaveral, but don't want to be without a chair in the room. I know that sort of thing isn't that important to most cruisers today because you don't stay in the room much, etc, but after a lot of cruises, you've pretty much done the activities and the pool thing doesn't matter. We cruise these days to just enjoy being on the water and enjoy dining and the casino.
  5. I never had the opportunity to call them about it, so my fault for not pushing it. I'm about to add this one later and use it to pay off my February cruise. I will definitely follow up!
  6. I saw my offer when I was completing my documents for December cruise. It was listed first under my VIFP offers. Later that day I received an email with the offer.
  7. They did this to me last Offer. Carnival split it into 2 charges for some reason, so never received the credit. Really ticked me off!
  8. Lol, you're probably right. I think they're trying to get more people to play with these offers. Still, I was tickled to get it, but certainly won't be doing it because of the extra cost. An additional couple hundred added to the cost of a balcony room pays for most of the "free" stuff in my opinion. I don't think anyone knows the rhyme or reasons of the Players Club!
  9. Not too sure they go by points either, the November cruise, neither one of us got over 350 points, and usually just get over 500 to get the first "free" $5. Maybe it's because the last couple of years we've been on a bunch of cruises, who knows! What really gets me now is that either of us hardly drink anymore!
  10. I've searched and can't find any answers so hoping all you Premier cruisers can help. I just received my first Premier cruise offer yesterday, was so excited because we certainly don't gamble that much. The offer was for DOU for you and companion, $50 fun play for you and companion, the other party, in room gifts, etc. when checking the different cruises that were available, I found the fares to be ridiculously higher than just regular Casino rate, at least $150+ per person! The rates on my offer started from $348 interior pp. my friend who gets premier offers all the time never has rates this high, hers are usually starting around $100 pp interior. I'm guessing my rates are so high because this is my first?
  11. Freeport has a little shopping area at the pier, but the Fat Tuesdays and Senor Frogs were both damaged by the hurricane, not sure how long they will be closed. We were there November 5th. Nassau has a lot of stuff fairly close by. We usually take a taxi to either the casino at Atlantis or the fairly new Baha Mar Resort casino. Taxi was expensive as there were just the two of us and they carried my hubbys scooter, $30 to Baha Mar and $20 back! They do serve free drinks while you're playing and it's not crowded. Beautiful resort, Marriott affiliated I think. Atlantis has gotten too crowded to suit me, but it is nice. Taxi isn't as expensive either. And djptcp is correct, the casino is not open while in port.
  12. Sorry our usual sunny warm Florida weather isn't cooperating for you! Nasty and rainy here in northeast Florida today and high of 55, but def warmer than NC! Enjoy your cruise on Elation, looking forward to reading the rest of your review. Love Port Canaveral.
  13. That's the exact same question my DH asked when I booked a back to back on Liberty in December! As stated above, you get a parking ticket when you park, do be sure to take it with you, don't leave in your vehicle. On your return from both legs, you pay your parking as you go into the garage to get your car. If you have mobility scooter, etc and you normally don't pay for parking, you have to tell the attendant and they will let you go on to your vehicle, then when you get to the exit gate, you make sure they know you're handicapped if they don't notice your tag, placard, or scooter carrier.
  14. We too were on this sailing, cruise #28 for us. First in a long time we went without our group of friends, but everyone was busy and we also had a great offer from the Players Club, first time ever, so took advantage of that. We've sailed on Liberty 3 times now, she's a nice ship still. Another first for us was only one carry on, a small cooler and tote bag. DH uses a mobility scooter now instead of dealing with trying to get a wheel chair. Since we didn't have any checked luggage, just parked in the garage, unloaded ourselves and went on for embarkation. Went right thru the priority line and on board in less than 10 minutes. It was great. i would like to say to Djptpc that Port Canaveral staff have always been very helpful to us and our crew of friends, some who also use mobility scooters. The worst experience we ever had trying to get wheel chair assistance was at Tampa a Couple of years ago when we went on Miracle to Panama Canal. The valet parking is awesome and wish it were available everywhere. To the wheel chair assistance. We had to get up to the security area and thru the scanners before entering the main terminal area. We were there early and there was a long line getting thru. Once inside, we were directed to the area to wait for someone to get us a chair. There were quite a few already waiting. They kept telling us it would be soon, finally after about an hour, we found out they had NO wheel chairs, they only had 3 and they were being used at the other terminal, so we had to wait! Not long after that, someone showed up to take us on board. We found out later there were 2 ships in port that day and additional personnel had been brought down from Jacksonville to handle the crowds. Just goes to show you never know what kind of situation you're going to face at any terminal on any given day! i agree with her review of the trip overall. Our balcony cabin 7400 was great, cabin stewardess was awesome, food was good. We didn't do dining room at all, nor any shows since we had seen them before. The entertainment was so so, the violin group always had a big crowd. The casino was ok, I didn't like a lot of the slots, too many of the oriental themed games for me, and they weren't very nice to me, lol. This was the first time doing self assist since we didn't have much luggage. We met in the golden Olympian dining room at 6:45. Diamonds off first, then Platinum. We were driving out of the parking lot at 7:12! Best debark ever! We will be going back again December 2 since DH had the same offer I did.
  15. The preferred company Carnival now uses is Scootaround. I don't think they do Special Needs At Sea any more. Just google Scootaround.
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