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  1. My son, who is red, and my grandson who is also red, get great offers for Cheers, or casino offers, from $200 to $500 on board credit all the time. I’m 19 days away from Diamond and hardly ever get good offers. I have a hot streak offer for up to $700 off on cabin and a huge $25 on board credit. Seems they know they have my business but are trying to get the ones who seldom cruise to book more often.


  2. 1 hour ago, BlerkOne said:

    Taxis are available at the port. You don't have to go "up the hill" to get a taxi.

    Yes they are available at the port, BUT you have to walk up a fairly steep hill and thru the little shopping area to get to the taxi area.

    The best advice I can give you is to rent a mobility scooter for DH to use.


  3. On our last 2 cruises on Liberty, our maitre d’ was Aaron. This was January 2020, and he was awesome! He walked around the room talking to everyone, and would dance with the crew when it was “showtime”! He said he would never ask his crew to do anything he wouldn’t do, so that’s why he always danced with them, even on the tabletop! Good dancer, too. He said he was working on his singing and would be doing that too. Hope to see him again on Liberty in February 2022.


  4. For some reason, I NEVER get emails from Carnival. I check all the boxes yes I want to receive offers but never get anything! My DH gets emails several times a week with various offers and he gets emails from the Players Club as well, but I don’t. I’m the one who does all the booking (32 cruises with Carnival), all he does is come along, lol. We’re not big money players, but are in the casino every opportunity we get. Actually got Drinks on Us once a couple of years ago, but we don’t drink much anymore.  Oh well, I’m still cruising, and can’t wait to get back on board! 

  5. I can honestly say I’ve never been bothered by hawking as you call it. I’ve been on 32 cruises. On embarkation day there are generally people from the spa stationed around for your convenience to book, usually someone from the steakhouse too, and of course the drinks person. In the evenings there’s generally a few stations here and there on promenade for the art sales/auctions, the Spa people, but that’s pretty much it except for the photographers every night.


  6. I would take Magic (actually am in January 22 if it sails). Love the itinerary and hate the thoughts of that huge ship, Mardi Gras!  
    Firefly, we only have 19 days to Diamond, had enough cruises booked to have gotten it this past January, but all were cancelled. Don’t know if we will ever make it now!


  7. Since nobody answered the 2nd question, as far as I know, the price drop feature is no longer available. I used to sign up for it too.

    We sailed in early December in 2019. The ship was decorated beautifully, lots of Christmas trees and caroling. Really enjoyed it.


  8. Balcony for us! Love to sit and watch the ocean go by, enjoy the sounds, never know what you will see. Now that we’re older, the bar scene and nightlife aren’t all that important. We’ve seen all the shows Carnival has in the last couple of years so that stuff isn’t important to us. Love sitting on the balcony in port, watching people come and go off and on the ship. I’ve never had an inside room, just don’t think I would like it at all. 

  9. 20 minutes ago, kse709 said:

    Update: I emailed my PVP from 2012 and asked him if I can start receiving offers since I was planning a cruise for 2023. The next days the offers started coming in, I currently have 11 and my wife has 10. The problem is will all the offers I can only reduce the price by $35 each for a 8 day cruise. I even got the Drinks RU9 & Wi-fi LU9 which were a real insult.


    So will offers improve if I wait to book or is this all I can expect??


    Thank you


    Kevin, there’s no real rhyme or reason to the offers you receive. I’ve been on 32 cruises and since they know they have my business, my offers won’t be as good as others who only have one or two cruises under their belts.  
    Every once in a while I’ll get a decent offer, but most of the Drinks on Us or Free WiFi type offers are much more expensive than just early saver as others have pointed out. I do get casino offers, but nothing spectacular, usually just money off rates and $25 or $50 on board credit.  Good luck!


  10. A couple of years ago I saw a couple of $25 carnival gift cards at my Lowe’s so decided to get them. The cashier tried everything she knew how to do to activate them, but just kept saying invalid. I think that was right after carnival stopped with the smaller denominations. So if you do see any still around, they most likely won’t be able to be loaded.



  11. I’ve been on 32 Carnival cruises and never get emails. I’m the one who does all the planning, making the reservations, etc. my husband is the one who gets all the emails, usually 3 a week. He just hands his phone to me! I always check the box to send me emails, but never get anything.  Guess they know they have my number, lol



    2 hours ago, sammee said:

    Looks like this notice disappeared from the Carnival page unless they moved it. I received a free interior w/drink on us in Casino for Jan-Feb 2022 cruise. Not sure if I want to try or not. Only $200 down, I need to double check final pay, and go from there.


     I didn’t see it anywhere either. Probably a lot will be like this, but maybe will get better. Someone must have jumped the gun in posting on the website.


  13. No, only when playing in the casino. Of course you can play till you get a drink and cash out and go to wherever you want to go. There are some drink packages where you can get drinks anyplace on the ship. I’ve found whether you’re paying for drinks or they’re free, the service is slow in the casino because they only have 1 or 2 waiters usually.


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