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  1. First of all, I'm not cancelling any of mine until Carnival tells me to. That's how you get the options for full refund or FCC and OBC. So my advice is not to cancel, let them do so. Don't worry about that deadline they gave earlier. They will provide all you need when it's time. Sounds to me like you have already cancelled, in which case you would not be eligible for the OBC I don't believe. When you go into manage my cruise, then booking details, if you have any OBC it should show there. If the one you're talking about is one you cancelled previously and rebooked, your OBC may
  2. We did our first b2b in January, a 4 day then 3 day on Liberty because our friend couldn't make the first leg but wanted to go. Everything worked great for us. We had an ov on deck 2 and moved to an ov on deck 1. We did get a letter with some instructions on where to meet, and tell your room steward and they will move your luggage. So the last morning of leg 1 I told our steward, he looked a bit confused, but finally got it and said he would take care of it. I gave him the new room number and also put a note on my luggage. We went to breakfast on lido, went back to our old room for a few minu
  3. Well, I guess y'all are just lucky, I don't have that promotion! I'm only 19 days away from Diamond, so guess they don't think I need it, lol. It's a great deal for those who did get it, my grandson had it and he was already looking for a Bahamas cruise for March 2021. I was checking his offers for him Thursday and saw it, so he went ahead and took advantage of it. He was going to book an interior room till this offer came along. Ended up booking a balcony room for just a few dollars more than the interior room was. I also booked under the early saver offer, my balcony room next to his was $4
  4. I don't think anyone can predict whether or not they will go bankrupt. Also heard about the loan. I'm sure there are plenty of companies in this same situation right now, maybe not as large a scale. I do believe they are entitled, they probably do pay a good bit of tax in the US, what about port taxes, payroll taxes, all those things? I personally would rather see them get bailouts than the airlines since I don't fly. I'm close to 5 ports in Florida so flying isn't important for me. Cruising is important to me and certainly many others. i had a cruise booked for March 21 which was
  5. I'm really not quite sure what you mean by the $300 unless you're talking about your deposit. Either way, the letter we received from Carnival for our cruise they cancelled says it can take up to 90 days to receive refunds. I rebooked for May and my summary shows the $600 OBC. i do have some questions on my new reservation, so will be getting with my PVP shortly.
  6. I think he's probably talking about the urgent care centers, or minute clinic things. I doubt very seriously someone from there would do something like that if they didn't know you. I also agree with you on the teledoctor, if you do have one, they can't help you out with a letter! Telemedicine is catching on a little lately. Rather than going in to see your doctor, you can see him via internet.
  7. I check my offers at least once a day, never saw anything like that. I currently gave a Premier Cruise offer, but the prices start at $328. I also have a Premier booked March 21 and it wasn't cheap, either. We don't spend much either, no more than $500 each. Guess you just have to be really lucky to get offers like that. I guess Carnival knows after 34 cruises, I'm going anyway so don't have to lure me, lol
  8. Where do you find these last minute cruises? Must be something other than Carnival's website. I would jump on something like that in a heartbeat if it was close enough to me.
  9. I got the same messages earlier today, I figured that would be the case. I emailed (as I usually do) my PVP around 1:30 this afternoon. In the subject line, I put my booking number and my last name. I told her what I was calling about and to call me when she can. She called me back around 3:30. She sounded exhausted, said they had been really slammed. She said she worked till after 11 last night returning phone calls. im on Breeze March 21 sailing. Was checking Saturday to see if there were any rooms left, at that time I counted 10 or so. I looked this morning and there were over 2
  10. My friend is visiting her family in California. Today they are a Disneyland, she said there's no shortage of people there. You would think places like that would be just as bad, if not worse, than cruise ships.
  11. My friend talked to our PVP yesterday, she said they were totally overwhelmed! I had made a request from her by email yesterday morning, and got my change email at 8:40 last night! I'm sure they are all on mandatory overtime!
  12. I use a PVP because she tells me if the room I was looking at is good, like not below the galley type things. Also tells me how many people are in the cabins next door, kids or adult, links our group for dinner if not cruising by ourselves. I pretty much know what my fare will be when I call her. Some travel agents can give you some perks as incentive to use them. I just prefer going directly to the source.
  13. No, the $2 went on my cruise balance. I read that same one you're talking about though, so no worries on that part, it's all spent and properly applied now. I'm glad I started reading this thread though, otherwise I may have just let it go. Thanks to all for their help, and Happy Cruising!
  14. Lol, yes I know you can apply it immediately, I just wasn't in a place or have the time to do it until the next day or so.
  15. Ok, this is resolved! Called Carnival. They said first time I called that they do not charge any fees, etc which I totally agreed with. They suggested calling AARP to make sure they didn't charge a fee. AARP researched and they said the card was redeemed for $98, and they don't charge any fees. So I called Carnival again, explained what happened, what I was told by them and AARP. the agent got a resolution specialist on the line, gave them the card number and PIN on the card, after a minute or so, they credited my balance with the $2. They had no idea why that happened, just a glitch in the sy
  16. Yes, it was on the Carnival website. I was just reading all the FAQ's and saw that same thing. I'm going to call them and see what's their reason.
  17. I bought the ecards on the AARP Rewards site early last week, got the card within minutes. Waited about 24 hours to apply to my balance. Maybe it was because it was an ecard? Maybe that's Carnivals processing fee for using an ecard. I don't know. I have bought several thousands of dollars in gift cards, both hard and ecards, over the past few years and have never had this happen. I'll be interested to see if others have this happen now.
  18. Just googled it. Elation is going into dry dock from March 2 thru 20. They're supposed to add 30 new staterooms on the Promenade deck. Hope they add some sofas or at least a decent chair to the balcony rooms while they're at it!
  19. I just looked on the cruise ship tracker and it's showing Elation is still moored in Port Canaveral as of 5 minutes ago. Very interesting, surprised no one has responded here.
  20. An interesting thing with the AARP gift cards I had happen for the first time ... I purchased one ecard, first one since the new rules. Got the ecard pretty quick. Next day I used it to apply $100 to my balance for November cruise. To my surprise, Carnival took $2 for a fee to apply the card to my balance! So actually applied $98. Guess they're going to dollar us to death!
  21. My vote goes to Liberty! We've sailed on her 7 times with #8 coming in November. It's bigger than Ecstacy, newer and more things for the kids to do. We were on her in December when everything was decorated for Christmas, it was beautiful. Cant speak for the suites, but the balcony and Ocean view cabins are much, much better than the Ecstacy/Elation. It would probably be around the same price to do two cabins, say a balcony with an interior across from it, as it would be the suite. We live about an hour from Jacksonville and about 2.5 from Port Canaveral. To me, I'd rather drive to PC. Never ha
  22. When I open my cruise planner, there's a list of items, one is booking and order details. Click on that and you page with the cost of the cruise and anything you've prepurchased will show there. If you have OBC, it's usually the last thing on the list. As as others have said, you can't use OBC until you're on board.
  23. If the hot streak is a casino promotion, that's probably why yours was more expensive. Just guessing.
  24. I for one (and the other 3 couples who were sailing with us) will never go on Elation again. While I love the smaller ships, I'm getting too old to have a balcony room and not even have a chair to sit in! We ended up (all of us, side by side cabins in the new section) bringing in a chair from the balcony so at least one of us would have a place to sit! No sofa, no chair, just the little stool under the desk! Sad part is the fare was just as much as most balconies are. I'm sure it doesn't matter to you younger folks since you're never in the room anyway, but it does to some of us older folks.
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