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  1. rvorcruise

    Sled dogs

    There are 2 places along the highway from Skagway north.
  2. rvorcruise

    Bennett or Caribou Crossing?

    I think it's always better to book direct rather than through a broker like that: - the WP&YR at https://wpyr.com/excursions/product/bennett-scenic-journey/ - or Chilkoot Charters (same but with a smaller bus for the return trip) at https://chilkootcharters.com/reservations/
  3. rvorcruise

    What to do in Skagway for the day??

    Everyone needs a passport, even Canadians.
  4. rvorcruise

    Which cruise line for Alaska cruise

    There's no "best" cruise line for everybody - there are cruise lines, and indeed ships, to suit everyone's specific wants. In Southeast Alaska, May and early June are the driest period, and I love the snow that's still on the mountains. Some people think that the itinerary is the most important thing, but the ship itself is huge to me. After 13 Alaska cruises and a few in other regions, I've settled on Celebrity, and preferably Solstice-class ships. HAL comes in a close second, and I've loved all of their ships I've been on. Some people think that Glacier Bay must be on an itinerary, but I think they must not have seen Hubbard Glacier. If at all possible, take a flight somewhere - my favourite is Misty Fjords out of Ketchikan.
  5. Some people like to get dressed up on the ships - it's the only place that my wife and I ever do. Saying that the people who do look ridiculous is just..... well, let's leave it at being a ridiculous comment.
  6. The Windy Arm fire, the only one that could have affected cruisers at Skagway, is pretty much out as of yesterday afternoon.
  7. No, nothing has been cancelled or will be cancelled - the fire is now moving away from the South Klondike Highway, though it could still threaten a small community far off the excursion routes.
  8. rvorcruise

    Aurora borealis is active

    The full moon is on September 24th, and that washes out all but extremely strong auroras.
  9. rvorcruise

    Aurora borealis is active

    This incredible photo combining the Windy Arm fire and the aurora was one of several shot by Jason Gendron on Monday might and posted on an aurora group I run on Facebook. They've already been shared over 1,200 times.
  10. rvorcruise

    Aurora borealis is active

    Any time it's dark, the aurora is possible. In late August, the sky is still light until about 11:00 pm at Skagway. I use the University of Alaska Fairbanks' aurora forecast to see if staying up is worthwhile - http://auroraforecast.gi.alaska.edu/ - but there are several aurora-forecast apps, too.
  11. rvorcruise

    Aurora borealis is active

    A heads-up that the Aurora borealis (Northern Lights) started early this year, and we've been getting some very good shows for about 2 weeks now. If you're up late and the skies are clear, find a dark spot on the ship, and good luck!
  12. The fire is now out of control and there are fears that it will jump the lake when it reaches the narrows in the next few days. If that happens, the community of Tagish is in great danger. :(
  13. rvorcruise

    Swimming end of August

    Only the hardiest people are in the water outside in late August - I'm not one of them!
  14. rvorcruise

    "Liquid Alaska Tours" company

    However you phrase it, when you sell other companies' tours, you're acting as a broker.
  15. rvorcruise

    Extortion for car rental in Alaska

    Welcome to the world of charging whatever the traffic will bear. Renting an SUV for a few hours in Skagway will cost you $175.