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  1. Does the Celebrity app allow you to keep in contact with others on the ship if you don't purchase the wifi plan. I was on another line last year and their app allowed you to contact the person and also do dinner reservations. Also, can't recall what I set my Verizon phone to in order to not get charged for calls on the ship when I use just the app. Thanks.
  2. Which is the nicest beach to go to for a few hours? Looking at just doing an excursion. Is there things to do where the boat docks? Is there town? If so, how close? Thanks First time at this port.
  3. How is the pool? I can't find a picture. I don't necessarily want to swim but would like to soak in the florida sun.
  4. Is the coffee selections the same for classic and premium? is it canned soda for both? last time I just upgraded myself and left my husband with classic since he isn't a big drinker.
  5. Since not a usual Uber user - what is the norm from FLL to a local beach hotel and then from hotel to port? $15/20 range? I know it depends from where but not going too far fro airport/port.
  6. Not familiar with this area at all. I went through pages of of the posts before I myself posted and see lots of recommendations for hotels but alot have to do with flying in/out or leaving from Miami. Since we are flying into and out of FLL and going to the port there (which seems to be within miles of the airport from what I can tell) I wondered specifically if there was an area relatively close to airport and to the port that was on the beach where we can enjoy the afternoon before the cruise. I don't want to be too far away. When you look at the ones that offer shuttles they look like they are just close to the airport. I'd like to be near somewhere that we could walk around and enjoy being in Florida. Any recommendations would be appreciated! Also when we have left from other ports they have a line of taxis that take you to the airport for a flat fee. Wasn't sure if that was the same at this port. Never used Uber but if it is cheaper maybe we will give it a try. Thanks.
  7. Looking for beach hotel or hotel near something to do for the day. Also are there taxis at Ft Lauderdale port to tskevyo fll? Any idea how much? leslie
  8. Just back and the slides were closed on the 16th. Don't think fixed anytime soon because when I walked by they were actually taken apart at the bottom and laying to the side.
  9. First of all the trip was awesome! Great weather except for 2 half days of rain - otherwise beautiful. Great ship - loved it was new. Havana aft was perfect - room 7467. Agus was our steward and he was great. Dining room food was good - didn't particularly like the buffet at dinner but lunch was good. Guy's burger was always good. The burritos were really good too. Did Carnival transfers from LGA and back to JFK. LGA was confusion for the transfer people but the ride back was good (and on a large bus). Shows were good but the cruise director Chris was amazing!! Do not miss his atrium shows every evening. Packed! No issues getting into the regular shows as I heard in the past you needed to be there 30 minutes early. I walked in about 10/15 minutes early and always seats available. The show on night 2 was the best - it had a scary theme to it and was awesome. Carnival gift cards - added to sign and sail during trip. At end of trip if money left over they mailed you what was left over $10. Also used that money at the casino so didn't have to carry cash. If you want the cash and not have them send you a check just add left over money to your card in the casino and go to the counter and cash in your card and they will hand you the cash. Disembarkation at ports was easy and moved well. Disembarkation at end of trip was also smooth. I'm so tired today that my brain isn't working so any questions, please ask and I will try to answer. I'm sure I have alot more to say but again I'm exhausted from my vacation. :cool:
  10. I understand to turn my phone (Verizon) to "airplane mode" so I don't get any crazy charges while on ship or port. I was worried about data charges and roaming charges but from what I've read airplane mode takes care of it for me. What I'm wondering is if The Hub App still works while I am in airplane mode? I just want to use my phone for that and to take some pics and maybe play some un-data games. Thanks!
  11. Is it really necessary to bring an insulated mug if you ended up buying Cheers package? I was going to when I wasn't buying Cheers but probably don't need to bring if doing that. Thoughts? One less thing to pack. Thanks
  12. What time were you off the ship? Did you take luggage with you? and lastly what time did you arrive at the airport?
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