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  1. It happened just last week at Walt Disney World. There were news stories all over about it. Trust me, there are plenty of stories about it when someone dies at a Disney park. It's like the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon (you know, when you buy a new car suddenly you see that type of car everywhere) for us--we see and notice cruise stories because that is something relevant and important to us. I also notice all of the Disney stories because those are relevant to me, as well.
  2. There's a live Oasis thread right now that mentioned the same thing about horseradish--none there either.
  3. Mine looks like that, too. Has for a couple of days.
  4. I'm just glad to hear he didn't eat them! My guess is that he/they were new to cruising and not really thinking through that the fries were included in his already-paid cruise fair. That's likely what he would have done at a "regular" restaurant hoping that by explaining the story they would give him another order without him having to pay again. Just didn't consider that he could get as many orders as he wants for "free."
  5. There's not a cover charge for BBQ--it's an a la carte, so will depend on what you order. This week on embarkation day, for example, the Flowrider opened at 11am, the Abyss at noon, and the Zip line at 1pm. I'd say you can pretty safely figure on those approximate times. You can find all of that on the app ahead of time, so you can easily know that prior to getting onboard.
  6. What did they decide? Inquiring minds want to know...
  7. I have always just seen them on their website. It's usually a pretty obvious banner on the main page.
  8. Interesting. I was looking for three nights, not over Christmas (for a different trip than the cruise we have coming up) and it won't let me do that. Also won't let me book one night. However, if I try to book two nights, there are opening every single day. When I called a few days ago she said, "We can't book three nights in December yet." Which I took to mean they weren't booking December yet at all, but apparently they are just not booking in three night segments. So odd. I had already booked somewhere else and it's looking like we'll just stick with that if Hampton Inn is going to ma
  9. Hampton Inn Brickell is not booked for Christmas, it just appears that way because they haven't opened December dates for booking yet. I keep checking every few days, but still not open. November has been open for quite a while, but not December yet. Not that you can't stay somewhere else, but Hampton Inn is still a possibility for you.
  10. What I wonder about this, though, is if the client drops the case, then are they responsible for fees for work done up to that point? By dropping the case, the client has effectively denied the law firm the ability to "make a successful recovery on your behalf" and so would the client owe the firm? It seems like they would--it's only if they actually go through with the case and are unsuccessful in court that they wouldn't owe, I would think. Or if the lawyer ultimately says, "Yeah, this is going no where--we should cut our losses and drop it now." I truly don't know, as I'm not
  11. Paradise Beach also has an all-inclusive option if you are looking for that. We love it there--it's our favorite place in Cozumel whe there on a cruise ship. We always do the pay-as-you-go when there, but the is the AI if that's your preference.
  12. It's $59 per person, is my understanding, not per couple.
  13. For what it's worth, I can see all of the attachments fine. Thanks for posting--it's super long until we cruise, but I still always love reading about the ship and looking at the Compasses!
  14. Chick-Fil-A is a very socially conservative company. I imagine that alcohol doesn't align with their moral values.
  15. Yes, the Unlimited Dining Package can be used for specialty dining at lunch (officially only on sea days, but many have reported being able to use it on port days when those restaurants are open, as well). No, it doesn't cancel out a dinner, as there isn't a specific number of meals associated with it. Hence the name change to Unlimited.
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