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  1. Hello!!!!!!

    Thank you for the amount of info you are sharing with us, you are doing a GREAT job!!!!

    I have some more questions if you don't mind:

    1) LAUNDRY special packages during the Cruise? Could you post the price list?

    2) EXCURSIONS on arrival day in Us does the company arrange Tours to Miami/surrondings with final stop at the airport?

    3) MINIBAR could you post the price list?






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  2. Good morning all.


    Geek update.




    Better. Can work with that.



    Location update.




    Bridge cam.












    Okay. Time to put the record straight!


    On 2 occasions I have posted that I have spilt condiment on my clothes. I would like to point out that the vast majority of time on this cruise, and in my life in general, I am successful in putting food and the associated condiment into my mouth.


    Thank you.

    Good to know!![emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]

    Thank you for the Halloween party videos!

    Enjoy the good weather


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  3. Thank you Roy for your daily reports....

    If you can.... would you mind checking at the Adventure Ocean what the kids programme is for Halloween? Is there an Halloween night party scheduled (Either for kids or adults) for tonight?

    Do you think people will dress up?

    Thank you, have a nice day!!

    Btw... how is the water doing today? [emoji4]



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  4. Morning all.


    Just had my coffee and all is well in the world. Only took 11 minutes from leaving my stateroom (deck 11) to cafè promenade, being served and back to the stateroom. Good time, maybe able to do better.


    Captain Jonny is on the telly with a weather update for the next few days. A little bit of a swell (5 meters) for a couple of days due to the storm to the North of us and then it will calm down and start getting warmer.


    This is the view from my balcony LIVE.





    The ship is swaying a little, but I don't think we need tablets yet.


    Stay tuned.

    Do you think in case of seasikness i could get pills at the guest service or doctor?


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  5. Sussi just thake this Big round of applause you just de serve!! I Live nearby Civitavecchia and you don' t have idea of the number of times i' ve fine to the port admiring this beautiful ship. Plus ia a commuter and take the train to St. Peter station in Rome every morning and i always imagine where the cruisers sitting next to me are coming form.....

    I will be on Harmony next year and knowing home the "little sister" is.... oh i just start crying for happiness!!!!!

    Once again thank you for your time, your patiente to replay every questi on and... thank you!!!!

    Hip Hip horay for Sussi!!!!!! Ehm... ok also for the sleeping husband!!!!!




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  6. We went on to the Comedy Club to watch A.J Jamal perform. Really funny, he got the crowd going really good.


    Except the Romanian couple in the front row who for some reason thought it was a good idea to go to an English comedy act when they hardly understood a word of English. Of course A.J made a recurring joke about it where he tried to translate but since they couldn’t understand anything they just sat there until the show was over and they just walked out.


    I had heard a lot about how crowded the comedy club would be, so I was really surprised when the doors closed and the room was just about half full. Maybe it was because it was the first night for the people embarking in Barcelona, or maybe because people were afraid they wouldn’t understand as English was a second language for a lot of people. Whatever the reason, they really missed a good show.


    After the comedy it was straight to Aqua Theatre and OceanAria. Holy cr*p those people can really perform. Good music, both entertaining and amazing performers, and some really scary dives.


    I’m just sad to see that some people don’t respect the ”No flash photography”-rule, and one idiot even started shining a green laser pointer at the stage. I hope they got a hold of that person and gave them a talking to.


    After that it was nearly midnight and we hit the sack.


    Tomorrow would be a nice restful day in Mallorca.

    What an idiot the guy with the light.....[emoji19] did he really think He was doing something fun?????

    Different for the Romanian couple: at least they remained states during the performance, so they have not been disrespectful for the Comedian....


    By the way... nice pics!!!![emoji4]


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  7. Don' t Know!!!! We fly MIA to FCO... to tell you the truth we will need the flight next November 2016 at the end the the TA with Harmony... I was just checking same flight itinerary with Allure for this years to check on the rates.... In February choiceair was quoting $500pp....

    My original question was if anyone had ever flown with Norwegian Airlines and how it did go☺ (that means if it is worth it or not!)

    Thank you for replying!!



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  8. Mh... my pricing is different ($550pp) maybe because I am italian (that means NON Us and/or Canada resident??)

    My quote with Norwegian is €1400 about for the four of us While choiseair.con quotes me something like €2000... i Know it is direct but it is a huge difference. ..


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  9. Hello everyone, i'm Saskia form Rome, Italy... i' m usually a silent reader of this forum but now I have a question for you: i am booked on the TA form Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale for october/november 2016 on Harmony. I was considerino reserving the flights with choiseair.com but if i book thourgh them and IF one of the fligts gets delayed does the choiseair.com programme reschedule and make us get to the ship on time for sailing or will i have to bother myself??

    Plus: home early in advance do you recommend i should book the flights? (p.s. currently are not yet available, of course if too early but....) your suggestions are highly appreciated!!!!!




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