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  1. Interesting. You're right, the Tattoo excursions are no longer showing up as an excursion option. However, it is showing up in my booked excursions. Yes, I will go an sign in to the Roll Call.
  2. I'm on the August 6th Sky Princess cruise and they do offer a military tattoo excursion on the first day we are in Glasglow. I booked it just in case we do have to do the ship excursions and didn't want to have it be filled up. If I know we are able to book a private tour then I may explore that option instead.
  3. And it is now official on the CDC site. https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2020/s0930-no-sail-order.html
  4. That's slightly dated. The Golden is no longer in the fleet, and doesn't list the Majestic which also has a covered pool.
  5. I'm guessing in the COVID era, Princess is limiting its embarkation and disembarkation ports. It appears all of their European itineraries next summer now only depart from Southampton or Civitavecchia.
  6. Looking forward to the itineraries to come out, but as it looks like above they are eliminating the option on British Isles cruises to embark/disembark in Dublin or Le Havre and embarking/disembarking from Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, or Helsinki for Baltic cruises . British Isle cruises and Baltic cruises would all embark and disembark in Southampton. Probably easier to test and track potential COVID cases if everyone is getting on and off the ship only in Southampton.
  7. I'm guessing the Princess land tour portion won't be possible for Scandinavia and Russia cruises with the new itineraries. Two years ago we did Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin and took the ferry from Rostock, Germany to Copenhagen for the 11 day Northern Europe cruise. With those cruises now looking to be 12 days from Southampton those won't be possible. Also, will be interested to see the changes to the itineraries for the 12 day cruises. Wonder if Copenhagen is getting dropped completely?
  8. Princess is doing their next Princess Connects Live event on August 27th. Episode 2: August 27 at 1pm ET/10am PT The premiere of Princess Connects Live! was such a success that we want to keep the show going. In this episode you can expect some of our favorite people like: Captain Michele Tuvo — Captain of Sky Princess® Gavin MacLeod — “Captain Stubing” from The Love Boat All of you! — Our audience will play the Marriage Match Game Show with us! Join our YouTube live event 8/27 at 1pm ET/10am PT
  9. That was exactly what we did on our Princess land tour in Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin before our Scandinavian cruise.
  10. There will be a live event at 8 pm EDT on August 11th regarding an Alaska 2021 sale. Here is the link to register: http://salessupport.princess.com/2020-0811-VE-AK?fbclid=IwAR2h0oQpiuqCQ3CceeKv1clD5faMDOiP5qr4C9PK4mK5ltGD40Rggmf2dfc I'm sure there will be a promotion on the Princess website shortly thereafter.
  11. No mention of 2021- 2022 Australia and New Zealand itineraries.
  12. I watched this live earlier today. Not too much new information. On August 11th there will be a live event announcing a big Alaska 2021 sale that will last about 48 hours. On August 19th, the 2021 Grand Princess West Coast itineraries will be released.
  13. My TA was able to get the specialty dining added to all three of my upcoming cruises. No change in price of any of them.
  14. The Princess site has had some glitches. I think that is the third canceled cruise that "reappeared" briefly before disappearing again.
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