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  1. I don't mind it at all either . I was a 9-1-1 operator for 32 years . So I always get "Man I bet you have some stories " (I do) "Boy I bet you could write a book" (I could) "Whats the craziest call you ever got?" (I gotta million of em:)) Its a nice ice breaker
  2. Funny you should use a blind date as an analogy ... many years I go went on a blind date . I made arrangements to meet her at a bar near her work where she went on Friday's with co workers . Walked in the place saw the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen. Of course she wasn't my date , it was the girl sitting next to her. We went out, and although it wasn't a "Date from Hell " There was just no chemistry on either side. When we parted ways that evening we knew we wouldn't be seeing eachother again. However I did have to presence of mind to ask about her friend and get a name. We are still together 26 years later :) Getting back on topic *LOL* if one person at the table doesn't work out , there are always others :)
  3. I wonder if they bobbed their hair, smoked cigarettes and danced the Charleston ? Libertine Scarlet women *LOL*
  4. You beat me to the punch on that one *LOL*
  5. i remember going back a few years , one of the ports, (possibly Belize , not positive) had a big pharmacy right by the dock in the shopping area. The place was mobbed with people buying stuff. Back then I didn't need any prescription meds , and didn't know prices , but assumed the prices had to be pretty good.
  6. I heard one guy got the pill stuck in his throat, and he had a stiff neck for 4 hours
  7. *LOL* there is an old Soupy Sales routine in there some place :)
  8. I could not agree more. Sadly only the voters from their state can vote them out, and some of them become such "icons" that they keep getting voted in. They only way they leave is through the Rotunda door in a box .
  9. Can you be more specific , there are several :)
  10. Thank you I couldn't agree more ... Each partners happiness needs to be taken into consideration. A man "Yes dears " and "Happy Wife...Happy Life and every calls him a smart man ... If a woman "Yes Dears" and "says "Happy Husband...Happy Life" everyone pictures Ike Turner taking his belt off .... I feel for the Op because I could see going through such a thing with my ex wife. her and her siblings should have just been born Siamese Quadruplets. This way they could have just had one rent.
  11. Oh yeah .....you negotiate this one the right way .....HO Ho can you say Threesome ??? OK OK ONLY KIDDING :) Seriuosly .... Between DW and myself we have 7 siblings I cannot count off hand how many nieces and nephews from those unions and can't remember a one where the other sibling HAD to be there for the birth. Usuallya phone call saying "It's a ...." and we would all see the little bugger when we saw them
  12. Well then I am in very good company :) Saw it years ago on Broadway and it just wasn't my thing. It wasn't a bad play I just didn't see what all the hype was about . How it possibly ran on Broadway all those years . And I see a lot of Broadway plays . It was a product of it's time. When it opened Webber was the God of Broadway . He could have walked on a stage , blew his nose , waked off and The New York Times would have called it a "Triumph of The Spirit" , and every major recording star would have recorded a version of the nose blowing . :) Will probably get flamed by Broadway enthusiasts , but felt the same way a about Les Miz
  13. Oh boy do I know :) And its usually the ones that have more money than God that have the really short arms.
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