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  1. I wish we could do it here in the UK, I would be watching daily
  2. Arrrr that doesn't look as nice as the old one, has anyone been on recently that can say if the water was cool ? The waterfall looked refreshing, stagnant water in hot weather (especially so shallow) heats up pretty quick ?
  3. Yes I’m registered, we cruised in July but booked later, waited about two weeks before the email, no message on the NCL account. This time we have let’s you upgraded but it’s the premium DP 🙈 nothing cabins but there are all categories available including Haven
  4. Agreed every RCI cruise I have had with so called Free DP, has increased by exactly the price of the DP, ok for us as we always get it but not for those who don't drink.
  5. I still haven't had an email, I am losing hope, 60 days....how often other than when a TA does not participate does this happen, does anyone know ?
  6. Thanks me too, I booked with the same TA last time and got an email, so here’s hoping 🤞
  7. I can tell, I hate diet as they contain artificial sweeteners which leave a horrible aftertaste....I really like Fevertree, each to their own I guess 😎
  8. 60 days out, no email as yet, only thing showing as sold out are the IB rooms we are in 🤔 how many people don’t get the option to bid 🤨
  9. Agreed, I cant stand diet Tonic but I like Fevertree light
  10. I agree its awful, all the Craft Gin bars use Fevertree or other premium spring-water Tonics
  11. Thanks, I do remember it was about 50 days out last time but I booked it late and it was about two weeks after booking. I am not really bothered just one of our group really likes a balcony but the cost difference at time of booking was enough to book another cruise ha. They have dropped a lot since and the ship doesn't seem all that full (71 days out) at present but I don't think we can call and pay the difference here in the UK ?
  12. Thanks that's good to know, we only sailed in July so unless a lot has changed since.....I didn't get the banner or a message on my NCL account last time, just an email I found in my spam ?
  13. Thanks, we are just over 70 days. I know our TA participates as we got the offer last time but I wasn’t aware some group bookings weren’t eligible ( we have 3 cabins) I guess I have to wait and see 🙈
  14. Yes definitely a lot cheaper than what I’m used to paying on Royal but I get your point
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