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  1. No others had a refund on the cruises before ours
  2. Nope still haven’t got a refund for the port fees despite several emails
  3. We are currently on Jewel of the Seas and we have been nowhere but Dubai. We understand this was a necessity and were pleased when the captain announced everyone would get a full refund. They have refunded the basic cost of the cruise however they have still charged us £190 for port taxes to places we haven’t been so the amount refunded wasn’t what we actually paid. I know the cruise the week before ours that couldn’t dock in Oman and Doha got port tax refunds, just wondering why we have been told we aren’t entitled to them ?
  4. I’m on too, just hoping we can stay on until Monday as we have Atlantis the Palm booked which cost more than the cruise 😎 they said the doctors have checked the person and they think it’s just a sore throat but obviously this needs to be confirmed, captain has said it might be the morning before we know
  5. We don't want to drink ours until after the cruise, in the Dubai hotel so if they took them off us would we just collect at the end ?
  6. I always take my Dyson hairdryer, works fine with the European plug, not the US one. I also have a similar brush/hairdryer type attachment which works fine with an euro plug
  7. Mine was doing that then a got an email Monday, we sail March 9th
  8. We sailed out of NOLA in November with NCL and it was chaos, took ages to get in (traffic) and the same getting out so bear this in mind.
  9. Is that the total price with tax etc, it’s actually gone up slightly here ( maybe because we are nearer) it’s £244 now for an outside
  10. Great review we are going in a couple of weeks, excited now 🙂
  11. On my recent booking for Jewel (Monday) Grats had to be pre paid for MTD. I am unsure why they call them gratuities if they are insisting people pay, as gratuities by definition are discretionary
  12. So if you get onboard and ask to switch to MTD would they let you ?
  13. I am sure I switched once on board when it wasn't available to book online, just went to the booking booth and asked to change ?
  14. Given you don't pay Grats on Internet that's not good 🤔
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