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  1. If RCL eliminates Vision and Radiance classes altogether, that means no more sailing out of either Baltimore or Tampa, due to the bridge clearance problem. I can't see them walking away from those two profitable markets outside of a bankruptcy reorganization-required downsizing.
  2. Tastykake had many taglines over the years, one of which was "All the good things wrapped up in one!" which that had embroidered on a "giveaway" at a Phillies game back in the 70's, if I remember correctly. The giveaway was a women's halter top! Probably wouldn't pass muster today, I guess...Lol!
  3. Thanks but that date/channel has different listings here in FL
  4. What network and what tine? I enjoyed watching that series when it was first televised and have a cd of Rogers" music for the series.
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