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  1. I like to hang an air freshener in the bathroom. However, make sure you like the fragrance. I bought a pack with a coconut fragrance, thinking it would be perfect for a Caribbean cruise. I hated the smell! I ended up not using it at all and that wasn’t the best option either!
  2. We are taking a similar cruise in February 2021 but for 15 nights. Can’t wait and will be following your adventures!
  3. When I was in my mid fifties I was asked if I wanted the senior rate at McDonald’s. That was the first time I had encountered being considered for a senior rate. No way I thought at the time! Now, ten years later I ask for the discounts!
  4. I think you would be able to get away with it. I don’t think there is any notation taken of who brings bottles of wine on board and who doesn’t. Just make sure you don’t try to bring more than two at a time. That will get you caught and the extra bottle taken away.
  5. Nothing is ever free. The cabins without any perk is cheaper. Two perks the cost is x and three perks a higher fee, and four perks another higher fee. Never free.
  6. I think most people would save money not getting a drink package and buying as consumed. The convenience is what people really like—not having to keep up with the receipts each drink making sure not to be overcharged. I have only had a drink package one time and I have decided it is better value for me to pay as I drink. Sometimes I got a drink when I had the package just because I had the package, not because I wanted a drink. With Royal Caribbean there is the drink card which for me is a better value. I also like the coffee card. Both cards I can share with my husband. And as another poster posted, I can bring my Brita water bottle. It is better for our environment to use reusable bottles.
  7. I think it is worth it. I usually like a cappuccino or other similar drink. My husband and I enjoy a speciality coffee on sea days, not when we are off the ship, so sharing the punch card works for us. We don’t get a drink package, so saving a few dollars on coffee (or the drink card when we are able to get one) is how we drink a little bit more reasonably dollar cost wise.
  8. I attach heavy duty magnetic hooks to the ceiling (metal) and suspend a hanger with my swimsuit attached (or any clothing item). There is circulation from the air conditioning in the room which seems to very quickly dry the clothing.
  9. Sometimes I like coffee sent to our stateroom when we first get up. I always like the first cup of coffee the most, so having it out on our balcony is a real treat!
  10. Likewise for us, however we hit the hot tubs, so we wear our swim suits and coverups all day and then change into what we want to wear in the evening.
  11. If you are concerned about noise outside your cabin, consider a sound machine. I always sleep with a sound machine that makes white noise. I can not hear neighborhood dogs barking outside at night. It will block sound outside the cabin, too. I used to use ear plugs to block noise, but the sound machine works so much better. Ear plugs fall out of my ears and can be bothersome, too. I don’t expect there will be much noise outside the cabin, but the sound machine makes sure I don’t hear anything.
  12. Some people have been lucky to not have their bottles of wine charged the corkage fee in the MDR, but don't count on it. The rule is to charge a corkage fee. In your cabin you are exempt from the corkage fee. I have poured myself a glass of wine from my personal bottle in my cabin and carried it to the MDR.
  13. We took several beer mats to Hobby Lobby to have them affixed to a mat and made into a picture to hang on the wall.
  14. I found that I did not like the scent of the shampoo and body wash on our two previous Celebrity cruises. Normally I make do with what is provided, but I now will take my own.
  15. Better decorate while decorating is still allowed! This may be your last opportunity!
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