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  1. I will hope some changes come after this is over, among them, the muster drill. Packing people in like sardines literally standing shoulder to shoulder touching is not a good way to avoid spreading virus. (Any virus!) I think having a 24 hr turn around between sailings is a great idea. This gives more time for the crew to clean and also maybe give them a little more time off so they can start the new cruise more refreshed and ready to do a good job. Even before the virus I thought it was somewhat nasty (barely vacating a room and a new group coming in within a few short hours) and tiring for the crew to not even have a moment to catch their breath in between sailings. The crew has sometimes seemed tired and worn. Who wants to work so many days in a row! I definitely think the buffet should be done cafeteria style where you point to what you want and a server puts it on your plate. My stomach literally turns when I see the gross things people do in the buffet line! (Which is why I won’t eat at them for the most part and if I do I go full on hazmat cleaning after touching) Those are the main things that can help possibly to make cruising more enjoyable and safe. Oh and less people on each sailing! Less crowds would def be awesome. I’d be willing to pay more for all of these things to be implemented. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Has anyone ever stayed on deck 12 in one of the spa balconies? Is it shaded? Or is it open to the sky? I remember reading somewhere about a deck of balconies that doesn't have any shade and I can't remember which deck or which ship that was on and I am considering booking this deck 12 spa balcony but I do not want to if there is no cover. Thanks!
  3. When my daughter went to the Circle C club it was just more a meeting place the first night when everyone formed into their own groups and then the rest of the time they just ran around the ship together. It did not seem to me that anyone actually stayed in the Circle C club. After the first night and the first day, I did not let my daughter go anymore to hang out with her new friends as it was not up to my comfort level having my young daughter running the entire ship. But there was definitely no "signing in or out" and as far as I could tell I never even saw any Circle C staff except for the first night.
  4. Is this a new rule? I don't remember ever reading that before in the rules.
  5. This upsets me greatly. Our poor planet. I have a cruise scheduled for this June and even though I have had it planned for over a year, and was really looking forward to going, I still hope they throw the book at Carnival and they are not allowed to dock or even worse. I really feel like the beards should be held accountable along with the workers who actually did the illegal dumping. Perhaps if more corporate beards were held accountable with jail time, or some other form of actual punishment that would PERSONALLY punish them, there would be more compliance. All these posts from people upset about missing their cruise....look at the bigger picture of what is at stake here. The very planet we live on is getting ruined. I for one will be thrilled if Carnival is made to pay. Even if I lose my cruise.
  6. My goodness, y'all must be a bunch of tenderfoots from the frigid North! I've walked across the decks in middle of July barefoot and didn't notice a thing. Felt just as cool and comfy as carpet. Lol I guess it comes from years of going barefoot in the hot summers on hot pavement in S. Texas. I remember reading about this very thing before one of our cruises and I made all the kids pack water shoes and water socks, but we all did not see the need for them. 😉
  7. We checked our bags for our first cruise and never again. One of our bags was super late arriving... we were a room of 3 and everyone's all showed up except for one bag for one person, but it was the most important bag for them, with all of their clothes. It did finally show up around 11pm but it wasn't fun worrying about it. I also don't like having to leave my bags out in the hall on the last night, and having to pack and pick and make sure I didn't accidently put something in my checked bag that I needed on that last night or in the morning. Also every single cruise I have been on, there have been the "lost luggage" flyer passed out, saying "have you seen this piece of lost luggage" type of thing and it is always like 2 or 3 days into the cruise, so those poor people have been without their luggage for a good chunk of the cruise. And before most of you chime in, that those are rare cases, let me tell you, that I don't think it is all that rare, since this has happened (the lost luggage flyer) on EVERY cruise I have been on, and even if it is a super rare occurrence, if it happens to YOU, it doesn't seem rare. It just gives me nice peace of mind to be 100% in control of my luggage at all times. Yes, it is a pain to lug, but it is just a short time that I am lugging it compared to a long time of waiting and worrying for it to show up, or if it did get lost. To each his own, but for me, I never check mine anymore.
  8. It would be ok if there was some other option added to replace the MDR. I hate buffets. In all of my cruises I have only eaten at the buffet handful of times. Love the Guys Burgers and usually eat there for lunch or have a late brunch on sea days. Don't care for pizza at all on land or at sea, so I would hate to lose an eating option. I wasn't that impressed with the steakhouse either... it was good.. but I'm not sure it was worth the price for our family. I would be ok with eating at the buffet if they had people that plated the stuff for you, like at Luby's cafeteria... you point to what you want or tell them and they put it on your plate and pass your plate to the next section and they are using gloved hands. I hate buffets where people serve themselves. My stomach turns when I see people licking their fingers, then handling the scoops or scratching their hairy armpit and then handling the food scoop. Yuck... Also witnessed too many people pluck food off of their plates with their licked fingers and place it back in the food serving bowl.... multiply that kind of behavior going on at every line for all the hours it is open and you can get an idea of the amount of germs. Double yuck... and I know... there are all the people who say they eat at the buffet all the time and never wash their hands and they have never gotten sick, and that is probably true, but for me it turns my stomach.. So yeah, I would miss the MDR.
  9. I wouldn't like this change at all. It is one of the things that I like about cruising. While I don't normally order 2 entrees, I have done so a time or 2 when I wasn't sure if I was going to like something and wanted to try something new. My son and husband are major carnivores, so they always order 2 of the flat iron steaks but all they want is the 2 steaks, not all the other stuff that comes on the plate, so I feel like that should be an option (just bring 2 entrees and not 2 fully plated meals) and could reduce food waste while still giving people that feeling that they can branch out and not be pinching pennies. I NEVER try anything new when I go to a restaurant on land... I don't want to pay for something I might not like. We don't eat out much, so I definitely don't want to waste a "go out to eat" night on something I don't like, so I don't try anything new. That is a big draw for me with cruising... it is like a food adventure.., and before everyone starts judging me.... for me that is one of the things I enjoy with cruising. I don't drink, so I want to enjoy letting loose and eating food! I will be unhappy if they implemented this.. but I don't know if it would stop me from cruising... I guess I could still go to the buffet and eat all I wanted, but I also don't really care for buffets.
  10. On my first cruise we did the late dining, and it was ok, no problem, but then after that we chose YTD and i will never go back to an assigned dining time. I like being able to be free while on vacation. We have to be on schedules for school and work and on vacation I just love having NO SCHEDULE at all!! So we always choose YTD and that way we can eat whenever we feel like it within the time allotted. It is so important to me, that I have canceled bookings and refrained from booking if the YTD was not available. I didn't want to have to fuss with going to a maitre de on embarking, and worrying that our request wouldn't get granted, so for my money, I want to eat when I want... so no YTD, no cruise.
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