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  1. These are all good things to think about. Maybe I'll keep watching it for now and make my decision in a couple months when we may possibly know more about what's going on.
  2. So I have a very small side business making custom shirts and tumblers. My profits are used for our family vacations. I have enough saved up to book the next cruise we have been wanting to take. We are looking at a 9 night south bound cruise in February. With everything going on would you feel comfortable booking at this time? Obviously what's in store for the future is anyones guess and ANYTHING could still happen. But would you personally be comfortable booking that far out? I do not cruise nearly as often as most of here so I figured you guys may be a better judge. Thank you!
  3. Thank you so much for your responses. I will let her know!
  4. If you end up having a bad storm the day of a port would they cancel a snorkel excursion? Also if there is a bad storm and its nasty enough to not leave the ship do they do anything extra onboard or just the normal activities on the cruise Compass? Weve been lucky that weve never had more than a shower on a cruise but they are calling for a pretty good storm on my friends upcoming cruise. I wasnt sure how to answer her.
  5. We just had one on our last cruise and it did have the basic very thin padded mattress that comes with it, however when beds were turned down on the first night he added padding to it and it was really nice for our 2 year old.
  6. We used Royston Tours and it has so far been our FAVORITE excursion to date. He is a 1 man tour company so he can only take up to 10 passengers at a time. He takes you off the beaten path and shows you so many hidden gems in "His" St. Kitts. It cost $45 per person and that covers admission fees to the places you go and lunch. He took us to Timothy Hill, Lava Rocks, Carabel Batik, Brimstone Fortress, and so many other places. There were 3 ships in port that day and majority of the places he took us to we were the only ones there. It was incredible.
  7. No sorry I dont. We were A02 and in the Imperial Lounge along with A01 A03 and A04
  8. We will be getting off the Adventure tomorrow morning from this same itinerary. You will love it! So far it's our favorite besides Alaska. Having A03 as a muster you will be inside in the Imperial Lounge. Which is nice because most of Adventure muster is out on deck.
  9. After that we went to explore the town. The first stop along the way is the Totem Pole, then we went and explored the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista. It was absolutely beautiful. There were so many interesting things to see inside. Even the kids enjoyed all the beautiful artwork.
  10. Day 4 - San Juan We had originally wanted to take the kids to the forts but with the government shut down that wasn't possible so we started the day off with a walk to El Morro and bought some kites for the kids to fly. They had an absolute blast and didn't want to stop. While there we walked over and look down on the cemetery that is there. We weren't sure how to get down into and since the kids didn't have much of an interest we just took pictures from above.
  11. Just got back from The Quest! If you have not gone you definitely need to. We laughed so much tonight. The internet hasn't been the greatest with uploading pictures so I have gotten really behind. Tomorrow is our last sea day 😞 then back to Ft. Lauderdale. Whatever I don't get posted before the trip is over I will finish posting on our long drive home. We are so sad that our time on the ship is almost finished. So far I haven't found a length of a cruise that has been long enough!
  12. We moved an hour ahead so ship time was the same as island time.
  13. Great idea! Here is a link to the video of the fish. https://youtu.be/RlN53bLUfOQ
  14. I tried to post a video of it but I couldn't get it to go through. Anyone know how to post a video?
  15. Thank you! Thank you! That is what we were hoping!
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