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  1. My answer would be no. While I am not anti vaccine in anyway my whole family is up to date on all vaccines I think they are just rushing this one to much. While I understand the need for the rush it really makes me nervous. There is no way to know long term side effects to so early on.
  2. These are all good things to think about. Maybe I'll keep watching it for now and make my decision in a couple months when we may possibly know more about what's going on.
  3. So I have a very small side business making custom shirts and tumblers. My profits are used for our family vacations. I have enough saved up to book the next cruise we have been wanting to take. We are looking at a 9 night south bound cruise in February. With everything going on would you feel comfortable booking at this time? Obviously what's in store for the future is anyones guess and ANYTHING could still happen. But would you personally be comfortable booking that far out? I do not cruise nearly as often as most of here so I figured you guys may be a better judge. Thank you!
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