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  1. This likely means we would still pay gratuities on anything not included in the PBP, like drinks over $12, wine bottles, canned soda, etc.
  2. We were in R616 (category S4) on the Sky for a week in December. The floor plan is reasonably accurate; there was a curtain between the bedroom and living room areas. Aside from the listed perks, there were also a couple of special events in the concierge lounge for suite guests: a reception with some ship's officers (including Captain Tuvo!) one evening and another with a guitarist performing. And Helena the suite concierge was delightful. She even helped me carry some snacks and coffee that I was fetching for my wife back to our room!
  3. There might be something wrong with OceanReady today. The medallion app says "Could not start OceanReady." when I try to access it, and ocean.com is missing its login option.
  4. Thanks for the updates, it's nice to see some sort of consistency from Princess! Have you encountered any problems with sharing the 4 device plan? Do you all see your own stuff in the MedallionClass and OceanCompass apps?
  5. Pricing does seem to be different for the 4-device plan. According to this post, on-board pricing for Platinum/Elite is $104.99 for 4 devices for 7 days. This is roughly twice the price for one device. The personalizer for my upcoming cruise shows the 4-device plan at $14.99/day or $104.93 for 7 days, (vs. $59.99 for 1 device.) So I could save six cents by buying in advance! (I probably won't, since I'd rather use my OBC.)
  6. You might want to check with your travel agent (or Princess if you booked direct) to make sure the FCC was properly applied to the booking. My unused would FCCs show a $15 credit (the smallest possible amount) at first but that changed to the correct amount for the booking once it was applied.
  7. Did you happen to catch the plat/elite price for the 4 device plan?
  8. You might be ok purchasing an insurance plan with a preexisting medical condition waiver. The one we just got says: Existing Medical Conditions Coverage & Exclusion Your plan may provide existing medical conditions coverage if you, a traveling companion or family member has an existing medical condition. An existing medical condition is an illness or injury that exhibited symptoms or was treated for any time 120 days prior to purchasing your plan. Existing medical conditions are covered if: 1. You purchased your plan on or before making your final trip payment;
  9. The same thing happened to us a few years ago, except on Delta. I had to call Princess to get them to update the EZ-Air system to show the new flights but otherwise everything was fine. The original price was still honored.
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