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  1. I just posted my video of our tour to Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta. We were on the Grand Princess Jan 17-27 2019 cruise. It was a great tour . Not so great...I got a lot of bug bites that itched for days. So take bug repellent if you go. Lot of steep trails and a long quick paced walk to the Catamaran. With no resting. It was a challenge for me with my arthritis. But I would do this tour again in a minute. Great lunch and drinks too. I loved all the birds and animals!
  2. Has anyone been on the beach excursion in Manzanillo offered by Princess? Do you know where they go? Was it worth the cost?
  3. I think we are seeing the future. Pretty soon it will be the norm. Like doing away with the Grand Midnight Buffets. Some cruise lines don't do the chocolate on the pillows either. It is more things they are taking away from the inclusive experience onboard.
  4. Funny. I just ordered my case of water for my cabin for our Jan 17 cruise. It was only between $6.00-$7.00. Can't remember the exact amount. Works great. Will last me the whole cruise and I don't have to carry a big case of water to the ship. I have done this before. Much cheaper than buying it on the ship once you arrive.
  5. Oh. Yes the Casino was smokey as usual. A little drift . Not bad. We have had so much smoke this summer from the forest fires. Vancouver Island has had their share. So it was my first thought.
  6. We just got off the Explorer of the Seas. We had lunch in Chops one day. The steak was amazing. You could cut it with a fork. Everything else was good too. Only thing I didn't like. It took so LONG. We were in there for and hour and forty five minutes.
  7. No smoke at all. I thought maybe I saw a little smoke up in the mountains in Nanaimo. But not in town.
  8. No BIG complaints. A toilet that wouldn't flush for about an hour. They fixed it. It wasn't plugged. Just nothing happened when you hit the button. I was surprised that there was a formal night on a 4 night since everything I heard and read before we left said no formal night? I have so many formal things at home I could have brought. Darn. The staff was amazing. Everyone was very nice and helpful.
  9. Just added my cruise video on YOUTUBE. Just a home movie. Not fancy. Ports... Seattle, Nanaimo B.C. and Victoria B.C. Sept 17-21 2018
  10. Service was so slow the first night, we missed the show. Out after 10 pm
  11. Our survey was waiting for us when we got home. The same day as the end of the cruise.
  12. I was on the April 24-27th cruise. Did NOT like the new menu at all! We were so disappointed with the food on this cruise, we booked our next cruise this morning and went with Royal Caribbean for a Sept cruise. Service was very slow. Meat not cooked to order. Very rare when ordering Medium Rare. Breakfast in the dining room, we were served almost raw fried eggs. And my husband will eat runny eggs . But these were not cooked enough to eat them safely. And I ordered them over medium. A few times waiter gave us wrong food. Or half of what we ordered. Coffee after dinner not served until be were almost finished with our desert. I finally had to get the attention of a waiter, who was not the one that was supposed to be serving us the coffee and he got us all some. I could go on and on, but I won't . I did have some very tender beef. One steak was served almost raw. But it was tender.
  13. I just posted a video of my three night Pacific Coast cruise on the Ruby Princess. April 24-28 2018
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