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  1. Let’s also point out the obvious to a lot of people. No slam but truth...Tahitianbiggestkahuna runs multiple Paul Gauguin fan sites on social media and also books people on “his cruises” with the PG...nothing wrong with making money or promoting a cruise line ..just like to be fair since he “outed” jazzbeaux and his connection with the windstar on social media....works both ways
  2. Thanks Hutch..it is always good to connect over the PG...I’m anxious to hear “on board” reports and expect them to be positive..Who knows what capacity the ship will have and wish all of the PG staff and crew the best ...everyone had a choice !
  3. We too got the run around on the aft cabin..happy to have a larger room but the aft cabin is the best...no comparison....after the back and forth, we decided to cancel our mid oct cruise before the balance was due...just can’t chance it and on board masks did not sound compelling....I’m not here to bash the PG like the I’ll never travel with them again “wanderers” and others..this was unfortunate world events that no one had control over...PG will come back some day and would love to sail again....
  4. Sorry wanderer, you felt a need to create a post all about yourself and email blasts...many people on this forum who have cruises coming up have real issues at the moment with the cruise lines..Do you read these from the unfortunate future cruisers here? ..I did give you the obvious answer, personally call, it’s just that easy and very pro-active...after 60 nights in 20 years, which is impressive respectfully said, they should know you..cheers on your sarcasm skills also....Just pick up the phone ..all the best and take care !
  5. Breathe ..relax..call them and be civil, it’s not the employees fault...and then move on wanderer...we all got bigger things to worry about....did you have a trip this year on the pg? Were you out $?
  6. @wendy...I can’t believe no mention of masks, gloves or as much distancing ...But wait till “on the ground” requirements ( hotels, resorts, tours, restaurants etc ) and I’m sure it will be mentioned once people from outside are allowed to visit..cruise ships are on another level regarding screening / boarding security, cleanliness, health of crew/passengers, food service, and no buffetts I’m sure..I’m assuming Wendy you are in favor of these precautions to keep everyone safe and the region open again if that what it takes ?
  7. Across the board issues...if it doesn’t clear up soon...I’ll post a email I sometime use later ..you are/were on 7-4 cruise as I remember
  8. Everyone is struggling everywhere who lives and breathes tourism...
  9. Hutch..I was hoping to chat privately..you disabled your PM ? If you want pm me. Info on Paul gauguin changes daily.
  10. Please make sure the advice you get here or on other PG / FP social sites is real “boots on the ground info “ and not just wishful Cheerleading....unless you are a FP govt or FP tourism employee and travel spokesperson, you work for the airlines that travel to FP or hotels in FP, honestly no one knows and the info can change daily/monthly contingent on how this virus acts throughout the world in 2020! No negativity, Just being realistic..and advise you being realistic and honest about your trip this year...I am scheduled on the PG and other places in FP in the fall so I’m in the same boat, so
  11. Thanks TBK for posting ....let’s stop speculating about canceled cruises and lack of readiness here and stick to facts
  12. Yes, via email, they are not exclusive to the PG...I’ll book direct ...scots? We are on the oct 14th sail...you?
  13. This was 3 years ago.: Considering we pulled into bora bora late the first morning and it took a long time to get our passports back after being in the Cook Islands and we missed our pure snorkel tour we booked privately, I might book this excursion thru the ship in October...I am going to write them to see if they are contracted exclusively with PG now...
  14. Is it me, or am I so used to the PG...the new ships would look so out of place in Tahiti....I love the environmental aspect and sensitive area awareness the new boat brings ...we will wait and see..I’ll enjoy our last voyage on the old ship in October ..either way I like seeing progress with PG and Ponant
  15. We didn’t book more than a few excursions with the PG but on Moorea, we enjoyed getting out past the reef with Dr Poole dolphin experience..and we saw a lot of dolphins..for us the sunset sail and snorkel tour on Moorea were disappointing, but honestly that was four years ago so I’m sure it has changed...we are back in the fall and will book a few excursions using our on board credit...prefer to book our own when we can
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