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  1. For us and many others, there is no comparison..the boat is small and very cozy comfortable...no lines for dinner or shuttle..no thousand people or more..food is top level...crew/staff extremely friendly ...everything is precision and you wake up somewhere incredible every darn day ! ..this will be our third time in French Polynesia and each time is different...oh and it you make it so, very romantic to be in FP on the PG
  2. Each port is different...from the land to the sea or lagoon...so much to experience at each stop...French Polynesia is beautiful and nothing like the Caribbean, nothing! The food is great, the people/culture warm and the scenery is some of the most beautiful we have ever see..we would never sail on a large boat, ever ! The small cozy and comfortable PG is perfect
  3. You got some good answers.....regarding a balcony on the PG : we book early and reserve an aft cabin w balcony...this subject comes up often and is split between posters like Wendy and others who always say, ”the ship is your balcony” and the other side that say having a balcony is great for fresh air, private time, eating and resting on your balcony...oh and as I said fresh air...nothing like a quiet morning on your balcony..nothing like champagne in the late afternoon on the balcony...when you want to be with others, pop in to la palette or other bars and mingle.....my point, I like the choice of having a balcony and willing to pay the extra.....everybody has a choice when booking..either way you are in a wonderful ship in the most beautiful part of the world
  4. We are back on board next October also..on our first trip A few years ago, we booked pure snorkel on the first day and I will not do that again ...we were late getting into bora bora, it took forever to get our passports back after they clear since we were in the cook islands and we missed the excursion that was paid for (pure snorkel said they would refund but never did and I didn’t push it since it is our responsibility)....it wasn’t a big big deal as we relaxed on board and went to the bora bora motu in the afternoon and had a great time ...this motu is very quiet, no bar food crowds etc, and for us a better time ! Just wanted to tell you our experience..it could happen to you or not and that is why we will book pure Snorkel on the second day in bora bora next year....
  5. Yes, on paper....be polite and courteous ...maybe pop by on day 2 in the am and see..you never know 😉😉
  6. The marina dinner is usually reserved a year in advance or more. reserve le grille for bora bora but sometimes it’s breezy outside while there...we enjoyed the main dining room and the dinner choices more than we thought ...don’t overthink since everything works out while onboard the PG and even a nice dinner on your balcony is a treat ! Just order additional glasses of wine since they won’t leave the bottle
  7. Love your description of the marina dinner..we jumped on this for our fall 2020 cruise...
  8. I wonder what you would find out on board as opposed to the Corp office with the entire admin staff right there ....I honestly don’t remember how far out we got our tickets confirmed but if it is a big deal, and I get that it is, calmly call the office yourself explain your concerns and ask when they will issue airlines and seating..the Fiji cruise I would assume requires even more logistics including small airlines..or get a different TA who knows the PG and is results oriented ..good luck..I can’t believe the PG admin staff can’t assist you ..
  9. I have the same question about the best time to book using points since it seems almost impossible...let’s see if someone will answer....I did read on a travel site that the optimum time might be a few months before you go...cutting it close is not ideal....IC site and call center were of no help when I contacted them...
  10. Thanks TBK...I understand satellites.....tech surfer is accurate...it’s the infrastructure and systems/ broadband they contract....plenty of room for improvement...I’m more plugged into the sights and sounds, people, food and locations we go on the PG...but it is 2019
  11. I AGREE..the internet was horrible when we were on the ship a few years ago...it would be great if the PG would realize this and upgrade....no excuse from my end.....it’s a small thing that doesn’t cost a lot ( we pay for the service anyway, so we should expect faster speeds). we are back on board in the fall next year...I can only hope....it’s a small thing in the long run since everything else was close to perfect
  12. Villa mahana....an amazing place🏆🏆. Reserve early ..I’m not kidding....enjoy
  13. Offers vary by season..we use a TA that knows the PG well and he looks for promo’s offered when and after we book and can usually get that extra obc added..to be fair, PG might offer retroactive obc promos up until 3-6 months before you go...and it could be different for everyone....this is our experience twice booking with him and pg
  14. No rush to board..enjoy walking around Papeete..we boarded around 3:45pm and we were the only ones there...serenaded by the gauguines up the ramp and we were checked in and relaxing in our room within 30 min...it was fantastic !
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