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  1. I was very happy and relieved to hear this news about the FBI's toxicology reports. We have booked the Saona tour and looking forward to it! Will post about it when we return.
  2. I've never taken ship excursions. I like supporting the locals and find it's less crowded and more laid back. I've not been with a company yet at the ship's ports where excursion operators were unaware of the ship schedules. They seem to know them well as that is their livelyhood on a daily basis. I've never been late getting back to a ship and have done numerous excursions. If you're uncomfortable, contact the tour agency you're going with for some reasurances.
  3. Maybe you are on the same tour as we are. I also have concerns. But since our cruise is not till November, I'm going to continue to keep an eye on the news. Hopefully by then they will figure out what is going on and resolve this problem.
  4. Thank you for your thoughtful response. I'm fairly well traveled and have spent extensive time in other countries including driving all over Mexico with a friend without ever becoming ill from food or water. So I understand what you are saying about caution. I just feel that a show of solidarity from the U.S. would print the authorities to move quicker at getting to the root of the problem with, "no more lies and excuses!" I think many Americans are more bothered by the complacency of the authorities. That complacency along with lies and excuses does not show concern and urgency in addressing the problem or human care and compassion for loss of humans lives. What they have shown in their statements is concern about their loss of tourism revenue. That does not send a very good message. If authorities showed remorse, concern, and owned the fact that this was a problem that they needed to get to the bottom of with the upmost urgency, I think a lot of people would feel much differently and excersize caution which should be done anyways in a foreign country. But why should we as a country tolerate complacency and lies while lives are being lost? As long as we are lining pockets with American dollars then we are simply showing support for the behavior and excuses from the DR authorities. Their are wonderful people in the DR and I always support the local people and their businesses when traveling. They don't deserve the loss of revenue. But I'll bet many of them also don't like the way this is being handled. I'm also aware that Cruise Lines have much revenue on many islands ports including the DR. But have we all become so complacent that revenue rules over human lives?
  5. Cruising with my family of eight in November and stopping in La Romana where we've booked a tour. I think the Dominican Republic should be removed from all itenerary for all cruise ships not only for the safety of passengers, but to send a message to authorities of the DR that hiding toxicology reports, lying, and making excuses for the numerous deaths and illnesses is unacceptable and inappropriate. We are talking about human lives and the DR should be showing concern, care, and a sense of urgency to get to the bottom of this, NOT covering it up. I feel that all Cruise lines should display concern for their passengers by pulling out of going to this Port for the care and safety of their passengers as well as to send a message to the DR that excuses and lies and covering up toxicology reports won't be tolerated. I am aware that the Cruise Lines have investments on the island, but regard for passenger safety should be first and foremost.Things may be handled more quickly and efficiently on the island if tourism was cut off. The excuses need to stop from the islands authorities and it would be nice to see some remorse for those whom have died and become deathly ill. This could have been our Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, or Children.
  6. Another death today. Can't say I'm not getting a little bit concerned now.
  7. Thank you for letting me know about this. I feel a bit confused about the "ships time". My TA contacted Carnival to see if ship time automatically changed for daylight savings time. Between two different agents, one whom didn't even seem to understand the question and another who had said yes, but seemed unsure about her answer, made me feel a bit concerned. I believe I am correct in thinking that on our itenerary it is only the Turks and Caicos that honor daylight savings time. Is this correct? I have been accustomed in the past on other iteneraries that most island tours went by ship's time and we're very familiar with the ships at their ports so now I am feeling a bit intimidated by the whole time change thing. Seems it would be a financial loss for the locals to not be more adapted to the ships times. Especially in the case of the Horizon given it's passenger size. So, here I am looking to the "Cruise Experts" on Cruise Critic which has always been my Bible for all things cruise. So here are the things I want to be certain of before comfortably choosing tours: 1. Is it certain that the ship time will change to accommodate daylight savings time? 2. Is ship time based on Eastern Standard Time? 3. Can you verify which islands are on ship's time and which are not? 4. Any suggestions for tours for a large family of eight that won't break the bank? Our interest are snorkeling tours, horseback riding, swimming with stingrays or dolphins, ziplining, or anything unique to the islands. We have four autistic young adults so we try to keep tours to a lower level of difficulty. Thanks so much for all your help and support. I've been a lurker for many years and finally got brave and started posting.
  8. We are providing the cab ride to their location. When I had inquired with them about the tour it was they who showed a little concern over our making it in time for the 9:00 a.m. tour. They also we're the ones who advised me that is was a 15 min taxi ride from the port. But I guess I must agree with you folks that It their livlelyhood, so I don't think they would want to leave eight passengers behind. But I like to be prompt as well as to not leave the tour waiting. It sounds as if we should be able to make this work. Thanks!
  9. Thanks everyone, then I'm going to go ahead and book it for my family of eight. Having such a large family, I like to book early on. The tour is with, Roberto's Watersports. Is anyone familiar with them? It's a snorkeling tour with two stops including Gibbs Island, open bar, fruit, snacks, and lunch. It is a great deal! I feel a lot less worried thanks to your responses.
  10. We will be going on the Horizon on 11/2/2019 Found a great deal on a local tour for my family of eight but it may be a time crunch depending on debarkation. Debarkation in Aruba starts at 8:00 a.m. The tour leaves at 9:00 a.m. and is located about 15 min by taxi from the port. I was hoping someone who has sailed on the Horizon could advise me on how long it took to get off the ship in Aruba? This being such a new and large ship I have concerns over if we'd be able to make our tour on time. Thanks!
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