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  1. Going on Gem in May I hope food will be good . Can’t wait to get away!! thanks for the input.
  2. so many bad food reviews. what's up ncl?
  3. how's the gem looking these days .cabins and public areas showing wear tear?
  4. travel shows this weekend . maybe make them higher to cut them at the show . people think they are getting a good deal
  5. end of June thru mid aug is steep but may, sept.and oct. more reasonable watch prices daily as they get closer. for boston any way
  6. they are calling it 30% discount ,more like a 40% increase.
  7. I'm just going to wait, 3 months ago 300.00 per person less.
  8. Hey ncl What’s with the price increases??
  9. Sail away for me , but not for everyone!
  10. Contacted Holland America,they said as of now no changes to 5/18 cruise from Montreal. They said would text if there are any.
  11. Take care of it ,meaning they will keep us informed about weather or not the ship will be going to Montreal or disembarking from Quebec City . Not looking for anything more than was offered,except the time to make my own decision on transportation to Quebec City.
  12. Made a reservation with Alamo very expensive 1 day almost 300.00
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