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  1. Skallywag

    2015 Norway itineraries

    We have booked on the NCL leaving Copenhagen on the 12th June 2015.:o:o
  2. We are hoping to book a cruise for 6 adults to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary and having cruised with NCL previously can anyone give me some information on the large villa penthouse suites and their suitability for 6 adults. Thank you
  3. We are to celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2015 and do not want a party but have discussed taking another cruise with our daughters and their husbands. We are considering a large suite to accommodate us all and wonder if anyone has any suggestions which are the best to choose. We travelled on NCL last June and had a wonderful time with all of us but next time we want it to be rather special. Thanks for your help.
  4. Skallywag

    Athens tour company

    We have just returned last Saturday from our cruise and used Nikos Loukas at Private Greek Tours and cannot recommend this company enough. We had a group of 13 and Vassilis was our guide for the day. We did all that we wanted in Athens and then on the way to Cape Sounion we visited a typical Greek Restaurant for refreshments. We would have no hesitation in booking a tour with this Company in the future. They were true to their word in every respect.
  5. This is the list I was sent by NCL a couple of days ago. Here is the up dated bar set up for you. Name brand spirits are offered by the bottle. These alcoholic beverages are sold as Bar Set Up amenity orders. Prices are subject to change. Service fee of $3.00 per bottle will be applied. Type of Liquor Price Bottle Size Bourbon/Whiskey Seagram's 7 Crown $80 1 Ltr Jack Daniel's Black $100 1 Ltr Crown Royal Special Reserve $100 750 Ml Cognac Courvoisier VS $120 750 ml Rémy Martin V.S.O.P $100 700 ml Gin Beefeater $80 1 Ltr Bombay Sapphire $100 1 Ltr Liqueurs Baileys Irish Cream $100 1 Ltr Southern Comfort $100 1 Ltr Disaronno Amaretto $100 1 Ltr Godiva Chocolate $100 750 Ml Grand Marnier $100 1 Ltr Kahlua $100 1 Ltr Rum Bacardi Superior $80 1 Ltr Captain Morgan $80 1 Ltr Scotch Whiskey J&B Rare $80 1 Ltr Glenfiddich $100 1 Ltr Chivas Regal $100 1 Ltr Tequila Cuervo Gold $80 1 Ltr 1800 Reposado $100 750 Ml Don Julio Reposado $120 750 Ml Vodka Smirnoff $80 1 Ltr Absolut $100 1 Ltr Absolut Citron $100 1 Ltr Absolut Apeach $100 1 Ltr Grey Goose $120 1 Ltr Grey Goose L'Orange $120 1 Ltr Grey Goose La Poire $120 1 Ltr When guests purchase a bottle of liquor they can choose 3 garnishes and 3 mixers from the list below once they arrive onboard. Choose 3 mixers: Choice of 3 garnishes: • Bloody Mary Mix • Apple slices • Coca-Cola • Banana • Club Soda • Carrot • Cranberry Juice • Celery • Diet Coke • Lemon slices • Grapefruit Juice • Lime slices • Orange Juice • Maraschino Cherries • Pineapple Juice • Orange slices • Sprite • Peppers • Sweet and Sour Mix • Pineapple wedges • Tomato Juice • Pitted Olives • Tonic • Strawberries
  6. Would also be grateful for the bar set up list so we know what to order and how much. We did this before but it did not come with any mixers and that sounds interesting. Thanks Brenda
  7. Sorry but we tend to disagree. Cruise was o.k. but definitely do not think it was worth the high cost. We did San Francisco to Alaska and back to Vancouver and seemed to spend more time bouncing around in the open sea than what we actually went for the scenery and wildlife. Completely missed the Inside passage on the return which was uspposed to be the highlight. Would not do Recent again.
  8. Skallywag

    spa passes

    Just wonder if anyone has purchased weekly Spa Passes on the Jade and what do they cost and also what do they entitle you to use. thanks
  9. Skallywag

    NCL Jade: courtyard now open to all suites

    Shame if this spoilt anyone's cruise and hope not. Perhaps they received some compensation. Brenda
  10. Skallywag

    NCL Jade: courtyard now open to all suites

    Just found this thread and sailing on the Jade from Venice next June. Wonder what the outcome is. We are in an aft suite and daughters in Mini Suites and get confusing reports on what benefits you get.
  11. Skallywag

    NCL Jade: Balcony or Mini Suite

    Hi Tanya, Thank you so much am sure my girls will be quite happy with their's. We have aft views so should be great. We have a penthouse the floor below them. Brenda
  12. Skallywag

    NCL Jade: Balcony or Mini Suite

    Glad you found the mini suite fine - would just love to see some pictures if you could please Brenda
  13. Skallywag

    NCL Jade: Balcony or Mini Suite

    Your English is great and glad you had a good time. Am sure our daughters will enjoy their aft mini suites on the Jade and wwe have the Penthouse 10664 directly below them so can have a moan if they make a lot of noise above. Brenda
  14. Do not think they have a pizza oven and they have to be cooked in brick ovens like they do in Italy to taste right.
  15. Skallywag

    NCL Jade: Balcony or Mini Suite

    We have just booked two aft mini-suites on the Jade from Venice for two weeks for our daughters to join us. can you assist please with any information on what extras you get on this please and any pictures would be great also Thanks Brenda